Zoya Vega Pixie Dust Nail Polish

Saturday, January 24th 2015 Nails

When I was in Wellington last year, I spent a long time exploring the wonders of Kirkaldie and Stains beauty department. One of the things I was interested to see was the Zoya stand, it’s not a brand I’ve used before but I’ve heard it raved about online so I decided to buy one of their polishes. This is Zoya Vega, from their range of Pixie Dust polishes. Pictured with it is Orly Flash Dry – they’re quick dry drops, and I’m going to do a mini-review of them with the Zoya nail polish.

Zoya Vega Pixie Dust and Orly Flash Dry

I truly think Vega looks like pixie dust. If pixie dust was real. It’s just SO glittery – I find myself constantly looking at my hands because I’m pretty much a magpie. It’s a light metallic blue, mixed with some silver. Unlike a lot of glitter polishes, this is pretty much pure glitter – no need to dip your brush and fish around to get even glitter coverage. The polish was nearly opaque in one coat, but I used two to make it perfect.

Zoya Vega Pixie Dust swatch.32

I received the Orly Flash Dry drops at the XYNZ workshop I attended in December, and only got around to giving them a whirl this week! They worked wonderously quickly – my nails were dry to touch within a couple of minutes, which is even quicker than my usual Sally Hansen Insta-Dri topcoat. The texture was still rough, so I applied NYC Extra Shiny Topcoat to make them smooth and even more shiny.

Zoya Vega pixie dust swatch.01

All Zoya polishes are 5 free (for more info, read about that here – to be honest I’m not suuuuper concerned about it), and are vegan. Zoya nail polishes are mainly sold at salons, and I believe Kirkaldie and Stains in Wellington is the only store you can buy them at in New Zealand. This was $26, so the same price as an OPI, or slightly more than Essie. However, my friends from the NZ Polish Addicts group have informed me that you can pick them up for reasonable prices from TradeMe. For international readers, you can find salons and stockists on Zoya.com

Normally I would ask for suggestions of other Zoya polishes I should buy, but I’m on a no-buy at the moment, so I’ll resist that temptation! Instead, I’ll just continue to marvel at this polish and work my way through all of my existing untried polishes (a shameful amount)

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