Lena Talks Beauty - Za perfect action mascara brush

Za Perfect Action Mascara

For a long time, before I really got into makeup, I thought all mascaras were much the same. How wrong was I?! Recently I was given the Za Perfect Action Mascara* and it’s what I’ve been wearing on my lashes most of the time lately. It seems like time for me to review it, and share my feelings about this Za Cosmetics mascara. It offers three effects in one – seperate lashes, wide volume brush, and long stretch fibers – so let’s have a look at how well I think those effects stack up!

Lena Talks Beauty - Za perfect action mascara brush

The packaging is nice, I like the bright pink and white – it’s very appealing to me and suits their youthful audience. In terms of the tube of the mascara, it’s fine, but doesn’t seem to fit in with the range that is mainly pink/white/black. These comments come from hours of staring at the photos and pondering this far more than the average person!

Lena Talks Beauty - Za perfect action mascara package

This is the Za Perfect Action Smudge-proof Mascara, and there is also a waterproof version. I have a propensity to rub my eyes, or touch them regardless of the fact I’m wearing makeup, and this mascara held up well – yet it still removes easily with the Za Deep Cleansing Oil.

Taking photos to demonstrate mascara is hard, and I can see why so many ads just use falsies or photoshop! Nevertheless, I persevered for you dear readers. I didn’t curl my lashes or use a lash comb, because I wanted to show this mascara in it’s true and natural form. As you can see, it has achieved effect number one, which is seperate lashes with volume and length.

Lena Talks Beauty - Za Perfect Action Mascara smudgeproof

Time for effect number two – wide volume brush. It does, indeed, have a wide volume brush. I like the brush on this mascara, a brush can truly make or break a mascara for me. I had some slight issues with getting mascara on my skin when applying it on my lower lashes, but nothing a quick makeup remover wipe couldn’t fix.

Effect number three is what I was the most interested to see what it was like – long stretch fibers are in this mascara! Fibre mascaras seemed to burst onto the scene last year with Younique, but unlike that product the fibres in the Za Perfect Action Mascara are embedded in the formula. I’ve never tried Younique mascara but based on the terrible reviews I’ve seen from bloggers, this is far superior. There is one downside to this mascara, and that’s that the other day a couple of the fibres got in my eye. It wasn’t the end of the world, but just be careful when applying!

Lena Talks Beauty - Za perfect action mascara and Essence satin mauve lip pencil


While I’m here, I’ll show and tell you the rest of the makeup products that I used for this look. I’ve previously reviewed many of them, so I will link to them.

Lena Talks Beauty - Za mascara and essence lip pencil

Za Perfect Action Mascara is $23 and is available from Unichem, Life Pharmacy, and Makeup Direct. That’s a pretty decent price, as I prefer to keep my mascaras around the $20 mark since they need to be replaced relatively frequently. All in all, an A grade mascara, and I can see it becoming a staple in my collection

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*Provided for review