Za Deep Cleansing Oil & Lasting Moisture gel

Monday, August 24th 2015 Skincare

Za cleansing oil

A little while ago I attended an event hosted by Za Cosmetics, and was given a great bag of their products. I’ve been working my way through the products, and today I’m going to be talking about the Za Deep Cleansing Oil and Lasting Moisture Gel. Both of these products are types of things I enjoy using – oil cleansers, and hyaluronic acid based moisturisers, so it was off to a good start already. Keep reading to find out what else I like about them!

Za deep cleansing oil and za deep hydration moisture gel

Za Deep Cleansing Oil

One of the stars that I’ve come across is the Za Deep Cleansing Oil. Oil cleansers are extremely popular in Asia, where Za hails from – New Zealand is the first Western country for Za to be sold in. I have previously used mineral oil to remove makeup, but I didn’t like the waste of cotton pads and how hard it was to get all traces off my skin. The Za Deep Cleansing Oil is mineral oil based, but the additional ingredients make it a more sophisticated oil cleanser which is much easier to use. But won’t mineral oil give me cancer/clog my pores?! No, for more information read this post.

To use the cleansing oil, you pump 3-4 pumps into your hand and rub it onto your face, then add water to emulsify it and it becomes more of a cleanser. I rub it particularly closely around my lashes to remove mascara and on my brows if I have used long lasting products. Rinse with water, and your face should be perfectly clean – no need to follow up with a cleanser like pretty much every other makeup remover. Za Cleansing Oil is by far the most effective makeup remover I have ever used. My brother and his friend used it to get off their camouflage paint from paintball the other weekend, and it got it all off!

My only gripe with this product is that it advertises natural plant oils on the front of the bottle. They are present in the ingredients, however in far smaller concentrations than the mineral oil which is the primary ingredient. While there’s nothing wrong with mineral oil, it seems to me that having plant oils on the front of the bottle is a way to entice buyers who would likely be unimpressed to realise that it’s not just plant oils in there!

Za cleansing oil

Za Deep Hydration Lasting Moisture gel

I’ve actually had this for a while, and I’m kicking myself for not trying it sooner! I love products which contain Hyaluronic Acid, and Za Deep Hydration Lasting Moisture Gel is one of them. The formula is very light, which you might think wouldn’t be very hydrating, but the inclusion of Hyaluronic Acid means that it increase the moisture of your skin by up to 200%. I’ve been using it primarily at night, however it works very well under makeup also, due to the silicone content it functions as a primer nicely. I really like that unlike the famed Hydraluron you don’t need to pair this with an additional product, and as I’m trying to pare down my excessively complicated evening skincare routine that suits me nicely.

I like the look of the packaging, but it’s quite bulky and kind of heavy – it’s made of a pretty dense acrylic. I think that getting the last of the product out of the small opening in the jar might be a bit difficult too, although I’ll have to see that when I get there. Certainly not something that I’d take travelling or out of the house with me, will have to stay on my bedside table.

za moisture gel

If you’d like to know more about Hyaluronic Acid, my friend Morgan has written a great post about it on her blog Hyacinth Girl.

za deep hydration lasting moisture gel

The Za Deep Cleansing Oil retails for $14 for 100ml and $25 for the 200ml and Za Deep Hydration Lasting Moisture Gel is $28 for 50g. Za’s Skincare range is  available from Farmers, Life Pharmacy, Unichem, Makeup Direct and Japan Mart in New Zealand. For Za retailers in Asia visit their website

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Have you used any products by Za Cosmetics – any recommendations of things I should try from their range? Let me know in the comments section below 🙂

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