Wish-ing for bargains – Wish shopping app review

Saturday, November 4th 2017 Uncategorised

Fairy lights with photo clips from Wish app

If your Facebook feed is anything like mine, ads for Wish shopping app have been popping up frequently. Everything on there is really cheap, and there are a lot of interesting items on offer. I can’t resist either of those things and I’ve been shopping up a storm on Wish. So, today I’m sharing my enthusiasm and my great buys with you all. A lot of the items I’ve bought are home decor related, as I’ve been trying to make my room an adorable girly sanctuary, but there’s a fair number of beauty buys too.

I bought these artificial peonies to fill this vase – here it’s two sets, the light and the dark pink. Up close you can tell they’re not amazing quality but from normal viewing distance they look really nice. I’ve seen posts where people use them for wedding bouquets and they looked so lovely.

Artificial peonies from Wish app

Amongst my mound of pillows, the deer & geometric cushions  are the ones from Wish- currently you only have to pay the price of shipping! These are the second lot of cushions that I’ve bought, the first lot were duds but they refunded me immediately. My fairy lights are also a Wish purchase, and run off 3x AA batteries. I like having somewhere to display photos and postcards where they can be easily changed or rearranged.

Geometric and deer head cushion covers from Wish app

These lipstick organisers are available on Wish, as well as Aliexpress and eBay. The 3 sites have a lot of the same products, but I like the shopping interface, customer service, and deals better on Wish.

Clear plastic lipstick holders from Wish app

I also bought a small ring light that clips to my phone. It’s perfect for selfies, as well as serving as a light source for photography. I used it to light the photos for my post about NYX Professional Makeup.

NYX Professional Makeup no filter finishing powder and NYX duo chromatic blush - Lena Talks Beauty

One thing I haven’t bought, but that is on my wishlist, is magnetic palettes, for single pan eyeshadows and powders. It would be so useful for depotting products that come in bulky packaging – my guide to depotting is here.

My mum is also a Wish fan and her list of purchases includes cushion covers, a pocket knife, a top, socks, and a down jacket. A bizarre combination, but she’s been pretty happy with the purchases. The cushion covers were $4 each, and then she bought the cushions they cover for $5 each from Kmart. She said it was cheaper than buying just the inners!!

Cushions from Wish shopping app

Everything comes from China so some things can take a long time to get to New Zealand, but other things like the paper gift bags I bought for my NZBloggers event arrived within 2 weeks. I had one item not arrive after ages, so Wish refunded me. To my surprise, it eventually arrived 2 months after it was expected to. The packaging for delivery can be a bit minimal, one of my flower bundles got a bit crushed but they could be un-squashed quite easily.

To get up to 50% off your first order use my referral code hzxkttn (I get a discount too if people use this). You can only use it once, so you might as well fill up your cart to enjoy it to the maximum potential. Now, how could you resist that? I wish I’d known for my first order, I’d have got mum’s.

Happy shopping, I hope all your Wish-es come true – show me or tell me about any Wish bargains you buy! Or let me know any recommendations you have!



  • I’m so buying that ring light. Looks so good. Even I’ve been eyeing those magnetic palettes. They look gorgeous.


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