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I have to admit, I’m a bit of a nosy person. It’s not a very good habit, so I try to refrain from doing it most of the time. One thing I love on blogs or youtube videos is when people show us what’s in their bag. It’s like I’m being nosy, but they’re actually showing me! So, I’ve decided to show you all what lives in my bag. I’ll focus mainly on the beauty products but I’ll show you the rest of what I haul around with me too.

To start off with, here is the bag itself. I got it in the Boxing Day sales last year, and it’s great. Big enough to carry what I need, but not so big that I make it ridiculously heavy.

Handbag from Sportsgirl

Handbag from Sportsgirl

My essentials

My essentials

Here is everything that’s in my bag, and it shows pretty much everything that I usually carry. Not shown are my glasses because they were on my face, or my work phone because I don’t carry it in the weekend. I have other things from time to time, like my Kindle, or something I’m knitting, but this stuff is mainly the essentials. I have my gorgeous wallet from Collette, another Boxing Day buy. It’s quite big but I have a lot of coffee loyalty cards to hoard, so it’s perfect. I have another card holder for business cards, because I’m a fancy professional lady. There’s also a portable phone charger, and a spare phone battery, because my phone’s battery life is abysmal. The thing that is just a reflection is tictacs, in case anyone was wondering. I have some medication there too, not exciting but it’s practical. I have headphones, to listen to music on my phone or ipod which I sometimes carry too. The rest is fairly self explanatory.

Now onto the beauty products:

Eye drops, moisturiser, hand cream and hand sanitiser

Eye drops, moisturiser, hand cream and hand sanitiser

These items are useful but not so glamourous. Drops for when my eyes get dry, a mini moisturiser for my face, mini hand cream, and some scented hand sanitiser.

Taylor Swift perfume, brush, hairties

Sample of Taylor Swift’s perfume, a folding brush/mirror, and a couple of spare hair ties.



Exciting things! Napoleon Perdis lip gloss (no shade written, just got it free with a magazine last year), one of my favourite lipsticks – Rimmel Kate Moss Matte #107, Jordana Barely Pink 165, and Burt’s Bees Mango lip balm. These lip products change all the time – I tend to put in whatever I’ve applied that morning, and they collect in there during the week. These ones happen to be real favourites of mine, and they get worn regularly. I expected the Jordana one to be kind of crappy because it was $4, and I only bought it because people in the Makeup Obsessives group were raving about them, but I really like the colour of it. I’ve swatched them for you below, except the lip balm because it’s clear and not interesting to look at really.

Swatches of Napoleon Perdis lipgloss, Rimmel Kate moss matte 107, Jordane 165 Barely Pink

Swatches of the lip products I have in my bag.

I don’t carry any other make up with me. I used to carry a pressed powder but it smashed, and although I (my boyfriend, really) managed to fix it with isopropyl alcohol, I didn’t want to tempt fate. I just don’t feel like anything else really needs to be touched up during the day. My foundation and eye make up usually stay put pretty well, so all I do is reapply lipstick.

This wasn’t a strictly beauty post, but I think there will be some nosy readers among you that enjoy having a look to see what I have in my handbag. I didn’t explicitly list everything because a lot of it is pretty obvious, but if you have any questions about the stuff in there, feel free to ask. What do you all carry in your bags? Are there some essentials that I’m missing?

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  • I love a good What’s In My Bag post/video! The last time I did one was back when I started my blog on tumblr last year, so I think it’s time to do another. I actually have two bags — one big and one little, plus my gym bag, but there’s a lot of the same stuff I suppose…

    I’ve been meaning to check the Kate Moss lippies out! Ooh and I wish I were a fancy professional lady so I had a cool card carrier as well 😀

    • I mainly use business cards for entering draws at cafes etc haha I’m not that fancy. I usually have a supre bag or similar for my lunch, reusable coffee cup, putting my scarf in if I get warm.

      I love the Kate Moss lippies, I raved about them on BR tonight. Such good quality and quite cheap.


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