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Friday, February 17th 2017 Makeup

Lena Talks Beauty reviews W7 cosmetics

W7 Cosmetics is an affordable and on-trend brand of makeup, and today I’ve tried it for the first time. W7 was started in the UK 10 years ago with the intention of creating high quality cosmetics at a low price. I was sent a few products of their range from Postie+, who stock them in New Zealand. This post is going to be my first impressions of the range, and I’ve showed them on my face too. Settle in, this is going to be a bit of a lengthy post. It’s always fun to try a new range of makeup, especially when it’s cheap. I tend to have champagne tastes but a beer budget, so I like to find bargains.

The products I’m using today are the W7 Brow Bar, W7 Shape your face contour kit, W7 Colour Me Buff natural nudes eyeshadow palette, and W7 tea tree concealer. To create a full face look I had to use a few other products but that’s not what this post is really about. Both of the kits and the eyeshadow palette included brushes, which makes achieving the looks even easier.

W7 Cosmetics brow bar, shape your face contour kit, w7 colour me buff eyeshadow palette, tea tree concealer - lena talks beauty

w7 Cosmetics Cover Stick

I started my look with Maybelline Dream Velvet foundation, since this was all about a lower cost makeup look. It gives a medium coverage, and over my bad spots I used the W7 Cover Stick with tea tree oil. I’m not sure how effective tea tree oil is at treating pimples through other makeup, but this is a good coverage concealer. I used an EcoTools concealer brush to blend it out

W7 Cover stick with tea tree oil

W7 Cosmetics Shape Your Face Contour Kit

Once I had applied my foundation and concealer I busted out the contour kit. I’ve always liked the idea of contouring but I’ve never been terribly successful. It seems to be better at accentuating angles on an already thin face, as opposed to someone with a bit more of a fat face. I figured it was better to be fat than have badly applied contour. HOWEVER when there’s a new product to try, I’m always down for that.W7 cosmetics shape your face contour kitThe W7 Shape your face contour kit includes a contour shade, a bronzer, and a highlighter (from left to right in the image below). I like that bronzer and contour were separate shades, as a shimmery contour is not a good look! The included brush is quite good, and it make the kit have even more value. I was quite impressed with the quality of it overall, but I think I was still a bit light handed because I was so scared of looking streaky.

W7 shape your face contour kit

W7 Cosmetics Brow Bar

Next up was the Brow Bar eyebrow kit. It includes a quad with 4 different brow powder shades, brow comb, brow brush, and stencils.

W7 cosmetics brow bar kit

I used shade number 3 in my brows – it may have been a touch dark but at least it is appropriately cool to match my hair colour. I can’t imagine many people using shade number 1 – even if your brow hairs are naturally that colour, it wouldn’t really show up against your skin very well. The mini brush that is in the kit is a little bit tricky to use since it’s so teeny, but would be handy if you’re trying to travel light. I found it easier to use the larger brush.

w7 brow kit

I found the stencils a bit strange, and I don’t think I’d be using them again. It’s tricky to hold it to your face, and fill in your brows at the same time. They seemed more like something you would use when shaping your brows as opposed to filling them in. If you just didn’t fill in the hairs outside the stencil you’d look quite odd.

Lena Talks Beauty using W7 brow kit stencil (1 of 1)

W7 Cosmetics Colour Me Buff eyeshadow palette

W7 has several similar eyeshadow palettes from this collection, which seem inspired by Urban Decay’s Naked palettes. That range of eyeshadow palettes sent the makeup world on fire, so it’s great idea to make cheaper dupes. The Colour Me Buff palette is a sturdy metal case and includes a brush but no mirror.

W7 cosmetics colour me buff natural nudes eyeshadow palette

The colours in this palette correlate very closely to the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, which could be useful if you want to follow any tutorials such as this one by my good friend Elese. The brush that’s included is double ended, with one end being a brush and the other a sponge applicator. I tried using the sponge end but didn’t find much value from it, I much prefer to use the brush end.

W7 cosmetics colour me buff natural nudes eyeshadow palette open

Some of the lighter shades in the palette didn’t swatch terribly strongly, but if worn over a primer or applied more heavily they would work well. There’s a good range of shades which make it quite a versatile palette. I’m looking forward to seeing what other combinations I can do with the shadows to see how they look together,

W7 natural nudes eyeshadow palette swatches

W7 Colour me buff natural nudes eyeshadow palette swatched

In the look below I’ve used the Brow Kit, as well as shades from the eyeshadow palette. My lashes are eyelash extensions from Mai Beauty Lounge, which you can read more about in this blog post. The shadows in the palette don’t have names, but I used shadows in the left side of the palette, if that helps.

W7 colour me buff natural nudes eyeshadow palette on the lid - lena talks beauty

Here’s how my W7 makeup look all came together, paired with an Ulta 3 lipstick (also sent to me by Postie+). My favourite of the products by far was the eyeshadow palette, I’m seriously impressed with how well it performed especially considering it’s cheaper than most eyeshadow quads!

Lena Talks Beauty wearing w7 cosmetics

W7 Cosmetics do not test on animals, or sell in countries where that testing is required by law.

All the W7 Cosmetics products in this post are all available from Postie+ in New Zealand – either in store or online. Postie+ has free shipping for orders over $50, so you could buy all 5 of these for just over $50 shipped direct to your door.

Have you tried W7 Cosmetics products before? What do you think of this look? I’d love your comments <3

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