Topshop nail polish & Glisten and Glow top coat

Recently Topshop opened in Auckland, and people were overjoyed – there were queues down the street on the first day. It didn’t really excite me as they don’t sell plus size clothes, but I finally went to Topshop when shopping with friends a little while ago. I had heard a lot about Topshop Beauty, so I made a beeline for that area. The range wasn’t enormous, but I was particularly taken with the nail polishes. This pink glittery polish attracted my inner magpie so much that I broke my self-imposed shopping ban and bought it! The shade is called Figment, and it was around $12 for an 8ml bottle.

Topshop figment nail polish & Glisten and Glow HK Girl Topcoat
Another recent purchase, also nail related is the HK girl top coat. Friends of mine in the NZ Polish Addicts group had long been raving about how amazing it is, and I was tired of trying to finish a substandard top coat, so took the plunge. This was another example of me breaking my shopping ban, but honestly, ain’t nobody got time for a gloopy top coat.

Topshop Nail Polish – Figment


I was very excited to crack open my Topshop nail polish, but I have to say, I was immediately disappointed. I expected it to be an opaque polish with glitter through it, but really it’s more like a clear polish with glitter in it. Here you can see how it looks on my bare nail:

Topshop figment nail polish swatch

I sighed dramatically, removed it, and went in search of a polish that I could wear underneath it. I chose CR 91, which is a brand that is common in $2 shops but that I’ve never seen mention of it online. I’ve found them to be an okay quality especially considering how cheap they are! I painted my nails with this, over my reliable Orly Bonder base coat, and put the Topshop polish on top. Since it was quite a chunky formula, and I had to sort of pat it onto my nails rather than paint in strokes, I decided to just do a few accent nails rather than all of them.

Topshop figment nail polish and glisten and glow hk girl topcoat.22


Glisten and Glow – HK Girl Top coat

After my disappointment with the Topshop polish, I was really counting on Glisten and Glow to pull through for me. Luckily, my hopes came true! It is so glossy, and smoothed the texture of the glitter out really nicely. It was nicely quick drying, and actually reminded me a lot of Seche Vite – hopefully it doesn’t get as gloopy as Seche did. Glisten and Glow is an indie company from the USA, and you can purchase their products on their website. The Glisten and Glow HK Girl Topcoat is $6.99 USD plus I paid $10.75 for postage to NZ. That made it $26 NZ to get it to my door, which sounds kind of expensive but that’s around what we would pay for an OPI or Sally Hansen top coat and HK Girl is SO superior.

orly Bonder, topshop figment, hk girl topcoat

Have any of you tried other nail polishes from Topshop? I’d love to know what their non-glitter polishes are like!