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I know, it seems to be a bit too early in the year to be reflecting on the year that’s been, but for me, this year really began for me around this time last year. It was late November when I ended a relationship I had been in for six years – my entire adult life! It was a massive decision, but it was totally right for me, and for him. In the year that’s passed, I feel like my life has radically changed in so many good ways. I was reflecting on this last night while having a bath, and wanted to take the chance to get away from the beauty, and be a bit personal with you readers.

Looking out at the year

Reflecting on the year that was

Ending something that was all I’d ever known was utterly terrifying. I remember crying in the toilets at work, bracing myself to sit down with him and end it. I had no idea what the future would bring to me, but I knew what it wasn’t going to bring, and that was settling down to marriage and kids with my high school sweetheart. Ultimately, that decision was the best for both he and I, but I felt like I was dropping a bomb on my life, or up-turning the apple cart. The year since then has had some ups and downs, the good with the bad, but looking back now I feel so happy about the things that have happened over the year. These are some of the highlights – I didn’t realise until I started writing it that most of these points have blog posts associated with them!

  • My blog continuing to go well. The views may have dropped off a bit after a massive peak from one particular post, but I’m still proud of everything I write. I’ve had the opportunity to do a sponsored post, and have received products to review from some of my favourite brands. I’ve also got to go to cool events, like NZ Fashion Week & product launches.
  • Friendships: I have a super tight group of friends, and a lot of them I’ve got to know through blogging. To Laura, Lizzy, Maddy, , Cass, Morgan, Rhiannon, JordanneBella, Elese, Caitlin – I love you blogger bitchez more than anything. I can’t possibly name all my friends, but you all are amazing and I’m so happy to have you in my life

Drinking, 2 metres of pizza, pitch perfect = perfect night

  • I got a new job! I never was that happy in my old job, and I’m so glad to have a new job where I’m appreciated and feel like I am contributing in a positive way
  • Crashing my car was a low point, but having a new car is pretty awesome.
  • Getting on top of my finances. I’ve always had champagne tastes on a beer budget, and it got me into a bit of trouble with the ole credit card like I wrote about in this post about ‘keeping up with the bloggers‘. I’ve paid off all of my credit card debt, and now I’m on track to pay off my car within a year of buying it which is awesome – it was a hard lesson to learn but so important for my life ahead.
Sadly Pearl's lashes are no longer, she needed an infill haha

Sadly Pearl’s lashes are no longer, she needed an infill haha

  • Dating…well…I have had some experiences, let me tell you! It’s quite different out there in the adult world compared to when your dating pool is boys in your geography class. My friend Rhiana has written a great post about dating and it even includes some advice from yours truly. Things seem to be going well with a guy at the moment, *touch wood*
  • As a total extrovert, I’ve always struggled with occupying myself, and I need to be around other people all the time. The combination of singledom, illness, and finances means I’ve spent more time than ever before at home by myself, and I’ve finally become comfortable with that. It’s certainly made me productive with blogging, and trying new recipes like my overnight oats, just to try and fill in my evenings.
  • I feel like I’ve become so much more confident with my body. Last summer wearing a bikini was really scary, since I was heavier than I’ve been before. Now, I strutted my stuff down the beach last weekend, even in front of a boy!! Having Meagan shoot me for her Fat Girls Shouldn’t Wear Stripes photo project was awesome.

I was actually super sick with Glandular Fever here

So, that’s how the last year has been for me! Thank you all for being here and reading my posts, and supporting me – I really appreciate every like, comment, and tweet that I get. I spend ridiculous numbers of hours writing, using products, taking photos, editing, and all of the positive feedback really makes it feel so worthwhile, even if I’m not the most highly viewed or highest earning blogger out there.

I’d love to know – how was your year? Leave a comment with what some of your highlights were.

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  • Aw this was really lovely. Looks like lots of happy things and I’m so glad it’s all going well for you! It has been a pretty awesome year for me too 🙂 x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • I love you so much, and i’m so incredibly grateful that I have the privilege of being your friend. A year ago we weren’t that close, and I still remember thinking at the time how amazing and brave you were to make an incredibly hard decision that was going to change your life completely. I hope you realize how wonderful you are, and how much of a positive impact you make on so many people. 2 metre pizzas for lyfe x

    • Awww Lizzy you made me almost cry! It totally changed my life and I was TERRIFIED but it was so for the best. This year has been great and I’m full of hope for the future. Metres of pizza are the best!! <3

  • Ups and downs, huh?

    At this end it was a rough year, financially, emotionally. Congrats on paying off that CC and doing so well on the car! Paid off our car last month and it feels amazing.

    • Sorry to hear you’ve had a rough year – they’re hard. Good to pay off the car though, getting out of debt is such a great feeling.

  • I love this post!
    It’s good to know things are going so well for you in many aspects of your life. It would’ve been awfully terrifying ending a long-term relationship like that but by the sounds of it, you both came out of it better and happier. I hope it continues on! 🙂

    It’s been a rollercoaster ride of emotions for me this year and I hope to find a job that I’m more passionate about as my current one is the bane of my existence. Fingers crossed the next year is better for me on that part of my life.

    • It was totally terrifying, and it still is. Going from being a kid at home depending on my parents, to depending on him for a lot of things, and then to being on my own was so hard, I feel like I’ve done a massive amount of growing up. I really hope you can find a new job/career that you’re happier in – I totally can relate to dreary miserable jobs, leaving mine felt like taking such a weight off my shoulders!!

  • I just knocked wood for you Lena. Having watched you grow through your blog..all I can say is you are one amazing confident woman. Inspiring, honest and always straight to the point.
    My year is a mixed bag as well. I’m actually at a low point in terms of health at the moment but hope the phase ends before the end of this year. I’m over it already.
    Good luck for the year ahead babe xx love your posts

    • Thank you so much Nishu, that really means so much. I love your posts too. I really hope your health improves, being in bad health is no fun.<3 <3

  • HayleyM

    Great post Lena, I always enjoy reading your blog. Do you have any goals that you want to achieve next year?

    • Hmmm, not really? Keep doing well at my job, I want to join a new gym so I can do classes like yoga and pump, and I guess just enjoying life!

  • Christel Hansen

    Aww Lena! <3 Geez it's been one hell of a year, right?! It's actually crazy to look back on everything that's happened. I'm so happy for you though, you've really taken this year by the balls and shown it who's boss…. I dunno if that even made sense, but you get me 😛
    New job, new car (and knocking on wood about that other thing you mentioned) – you're on a roll! 😀 oxoxo
    This year has actually been nuts for me too. To think it was this time last year that I felt like I was about to have a mental breakdown because of all the shit that was happening, and it was you guys that got me through. I honestly can't thank you guys enough for that oxoxo

    • I totally get you! I feel like I really am on a roll and having a #squad of cheerleaders (you girls) is the best. I’m glad we can get you through, that was a crazy time for you and your family but we all got there in the end <3

  • What a lovely post. Wow what a great year for you – nice job Lena! It was lovely to meet you at the blogger event and to find that you’re just as nice in person 🙂 My year has been good, esp with my children and trying to manage work and kids and life etc plus manage my makeup addiction lol. The beautiful Laura (she’s amazing) was instrumental helping me start my own blog this year and it has been so much fun! I’m really looking forward to a beautiful summer, lots of glasses of Rose, bbq’s, listening to my children laughing and ringing in the New Year! xx

    • Aww, it was so lovely to meet you too! I have really been enjoying reading your blog. Laura is the greatest, she’s my blogging guru. Laughing, Rose, and BBQs sound like the ideal summer!!

  • This was such a great post Lena, it’s been so good being up here and spending time with you and the other girls – thanks for making me feel so welcome! My year was a bit up and down too, probably the biggest thing was moving up to Auckland, I’m so glad I did though as scary as it was at the time! So proud of you and keep up the blogging, your posts are always so in-depth and thorough xx

    • You are So welcome! It’s so awesome that you hang out with us now, and we get on so well in person too! Moving up must have been scary but it’s great 🙂 Thank you so much, I love your blog too! Your photos inspire me to up my game.

  • Melissa Peaks

    It’s awesome that your year has turned around and was actually pretty great for you in the end. You have achieved so much and you should be really proud of how far you’ve come in the last year.

  • Emma

    Sounds like such a big year for you, a lot of change. This year for me started well with getting married and having an amazing honeymoon but is not ending so well as I’m having some health issues. Hopefully can start 2016 feeling good!

    • Yay for your marriage and honeymoon – boo to the health issues, I hope you can get them resolved. Thanks for reading/commenting!

  • What a great post! I’m glad things are working out well now, 2016 looks to be an amazing year for you, I think. ? this year has been a real adventure, with a bit of challenge in there.
    My husband and I moved with our newborn from our home in Wellington which we loved so much, to christchurch, meaning for the first time in my adult life I could stop working, and be a full time mum (I’ve worked since I was 14, so it’s quite a lifestyle change for me!). My whole world completely turned upside down! I’ve had to invest myself in building a whole new life, trying to replace the “things” (friends, etc) we had in Wellington, while still keeping in touch with old friends. We’ve had limited income so I’ve had to get used to not being able to afford treats too. I built up my blog and finally launched it the way I wanted it, for ages it had been a “small project on the back burner” but I’ve finally built it into something a bit bigger, with lots of ways to keep expanding as time allows. And yeah, life’s been so so busy, one year olds are fun but so much work! ?

    • That sounds like a massive year for you! Moving city must be scary, but exciting too, to be able to find new places and things to do there as well. And yay to you for getting your blog how you like it 😀


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