Viviscal six month trial results

My mum has been taking a six month trial of Viviscal Hair Growth supplements, kindly provided by Viviscal, and sharing her updates with us here at Lena Talks Beauty.  Having just popped my last Viviscal pill, Lena suggested I write the six month review update. (The truth is I finished 3 days ago but who’s gonna know!) I guess photos speak louder than words… so here it is – a bit posed and to be honest, this was taken around a month ago – so just 5 months into the Six Month Viviscal trial but you can see how pleased I am with myself….

Viviscal supplements 3 month update

My mum Lulu has been taking Viviscal hair growth supplements* for 3 months now, and time has come for an update on her progress. When she started taking these supplements, her hair was thinning and generally lacklustre. It had been damaged by bleaching and too many chemical treatments, and she was also experiencing the natural thinning of hair that comes with aging. Halfway through the recommend six month period of Viviscal supplements is usually when users start to see an improvement in their hair – and is this the case for mum? Let’s see!


Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements

Today we have a guest post from my Mum! It’s the start of a bit of a series about thinning hair and what she’s doing to improve hers: While I was at the hairdressers recently, lamenting my thinning, damaged lacklustre hair, I turned the page of the Marie Claire magazine I was reading and saw an article about ways to improve thinning hair! What are the odds?! Now, I’m a bit of a sceptic, and most of the suggestions were to put expensive lotions and potions on my hair. I know that magazine people get sent loads of free stuff to try and in return, they write articles about how good they are. Plus, I’ve tried many products over the years and have decided that whether they’re cheap or expensive, it doesn’t necessarily mean whether they’re any good or not. I’ve paid big money for sub-standard results, and little money for great results. (Same with skin care products too for that matter.) As I was reading the article I laughed as there was the suggestion to take “hair thickening tablets” and my hairdresser asked about it and he laughed too. This was because, barely 20 minutes earlier I’d been telling […]