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Ombre nails with striped feature nail

Hi,  I’m Marleen from The Beauty Context and today I’m guest posting about ombre nails while Lena is busy unpacking in her new house. I am nail obsessed! I stalk nails on Instagram, drool over nail polish stands in store, and occasionally I attempt doing my own nails. Sometimes I have huge plans for them, intricate patterns and designs which more often than not, leave me with smudge nails and a whole lot of frustration. So today I thought I would share with you an easy nail look that anyone can do. This nail looks is a simple ombre nail with line details on the index feature nail. It might look difficult but it is fairly simple once you know how to do it.

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Velcro rollers tutorial by Rosemary & Twine

Hey there readers! My name is Leah, and I’m a wedding blogger over at Rosemary & Twine. I’m super excited to share a little “how to” with you today! I’ll be showing and telling you how to use velcro rollers to curl your hair. Curling your hair often involves a lot of heat, but this is a no-heat curls method that is a classic for a reason.

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Ombré nail art tutorial

Ombré, or gradient, nails, have been popular for a while now. I’ve always thought that they looked really cool, and my Pinterest nail board is full of tutorials and inspiration.  I’m sure some of you will be asking ‘what on earth is ombré?!’ – ombré is when you have a gradient of colour, from light to dark. I first became aware of it when it was a popular trend for hair colour, dark at the roots and light at the bottom (I called my hair an unintentional ombré when I was too broke to go and get the regrowth done!). I’ve had a couple of unsuccessful attempts at ombré nails, but I knew I had to have another go at it. I watched a tutorial by Nailed it NZ, gathered the equipment necessary and sat down to do it! This wasn’t the best nail art I’ve ever done, which is why I’m saying how (not) to do Ombré nails – so you can learn from the mistakes that I made. I was going to not post this at all but my friends said they thought it would be helpful, so I hope it is 🙂

Easy braided hairstyles

Like many other women with long hair, I find myself wearing my hair in a plain bun or ponytail all too often. While they are both easy and practical hairstyles, they are also quite boring. I’ve been experimenting with some different styles lately, and in this post I’ll be showing some of them. They aren’t quite at the level of intricate waterfall braids that you see all over pinterest, but rather reasonably simple variations on plaits, buns and ponytails. I don’t want to spend forever on my hair before work, but I still want it to look nicely styled, and out of my face. For all of these styles, the equipment needed is very minimal – a brush or comb, some hair ties and bobby/spin pins, and a hair donut. If you don’t have a hair donut, you can make one out of a sock using this tutorial. If you don’t know how to plait, there are a multitude of tutorials on pinterest and youtube. I can’t recommend any in particular, as I learned how to plait hair at school in the dark ages before youtube. I use ‘normal’ plaiting, French plaiting and fishtail plaiting in these videos. Braided bun. To […]