May Mint and Gold and Flowers

Life update – where have I been?!

Hello friends! It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, and I’ve missed it so much. The last couple of months have been incredibly busy for me, and blogging has fallen by the wayside. During May, I started a new job and moved house within a couple of days. It has been a big upheaval but things have settled down now, so time for a bit of a catch up!

Lena Talks Beauty life update

2016 – a year in review

2016 – what a year! A lot went on, both for me in a personal sense as well as in my blogging capacity. It’s been a wee while since I’ve updated on what’s going on in my life to you all, and I thought with the new year that was a good opportunity to do so. Personal At the start of the year I had to move house which we all know can be very stressful. Compressing my possessions down from a flat’s worth into one bedroom (plus an attic) wasn’t easy, especially for a hoarder like myself. I lived in my old place for 5 years, and everything I own was there. Since my mum lives overseas and my dad is remarried, I don’t have my old room at my parent’s house to store stuff, so EVERYTHING is at my place. For someone with hoarding tendencies this translates to rather a lot of stuff!! It was a good opportunity in down sizing – turns out I don’t need to keep every single birthday card I’ve ever been given, clothes that haven’t fit me in years, and books I haven’t read since high school. My flatmates were strangers I found off Facebook, but I’ve really become part […]

The year that was

I know, it seems to be a bit too early in the year to be reflecting on the year that’s been, but for me, this year really began for me around this time last year. It was late November when I ended a relationship I had been in for six years – my entire adult life! It was a massive decision, but it was totally right for me, and for him. In the year that’s passed, I feel like my life has radically changed in so many good ways. I was reflecting on this last night while having a bath, and wanted to take the chance to get away from the beauty, and be a bit personal with you readers.

Life, taking stock

Two posts in one day?! I know, this is unusual, but I was reading my friend Laura’s blog – Laura Laura Blog. She did a ‘taking stock’ post, and I wanted to do the same. Making: I’m knitting abeanie for my friend Jordanne’s baby Cooking: Homemade pizza for dinner Drinking: Coke Zero Reading: The Dilemma, by Penny Vincenzi Wanting: To find out who wins Survivor, and who is on Season 31! Looking: At the grey weather outside Playing: Currently I’ve been playing Sam Smith a lot. I went to his concert last month, shortly before he had to end his tour to get surgery on his vocal cords. I’m glad I was able to see him perform because it was incredible.

Get to know me

In response to my reader survey some of you said that you’d like to get to know the person behind the blog. I’ve been writing on here for six months, but most of you probably don’t know a huge amount about me. I live in Auckland, New Zealand and have done for all of my 23 years. I live with my boyfriend of 6 years, Sam, and my 22 year old brother I work in an office, doing customer service and administration work. It’s not exactly my dream job but it’s okay for now. I studied Geography and then Environmental Management at university, so that’s my background of environmentalism and science that comes on on some posts, like when I wrote about microbeads, or petroleum. In my teenage years I wasn’t into a lot of makeup, just some sparkly eye makeup and lip gloss mostly. I was always more interested in doing my nails. That didn’t really change much until I went on a trip to the US with my stepsister when I was 21, and she introduced me to the wonderful world of Sephora and MAC and it was glorious. From there the obsession began! I joined the MakeupAddiction […]