How to care for cuticles and nails

Friday, November 11th 2016 Nails


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, or following me on social media, you probably know that I love having nice nails. I always have them polished and tend to wear them fairly long. However, this wasn’t always the case. When I was younger, my nails were a wreck. I bit them, and I worked in cafes where they just got ruined every day. I stopped working in hospitality about four years ago, and started trying to grow my nails. After I conquered the biting, I wanted to figure out how to make them strong and look nice. My nature is to research everything I’m interested in to great detail. So over the last few years I’ve been researching how to care for your nails, from the internet as well as through having a couple of friends who are qualified nail technicians. In this post, I’ll be sharing some of the products that I use to care for my nails and cuticles, as well as some of the lifestyle tips that help me too.

March Empties – Hair, Nails, Lips & Skin

Monday, April 6th 2015 Uncategorised

Another month, another bunch of products used up and ready to be written about! It’s a bit of a mixed bag, with a couple of hair products and nail polishes, as well as a lip gloss and a fake tan. Let’s get cracking!

March empties.52

Rimmel Vinyl Gloss – Keep A Secret
I really liked this lip gloss, and it was a great ‘my lips but better’ shade but unfortunately it expired. I noticed that the smell and texture had changed, and reluctantly tossed it. I searched online to find pricing information for this and it looks like the Rimmel Vinyl Gloss range has been discontinued which is a shame, I have high standard for lip gloss and this met them.

Repurchase? If possible.

Neutral Glittery nails

Wednesday, February 25th 2015 Nails

Lately I’ve been wearing a lot of bright nail polishes, so this week I felt like going with some more neutral tones. Of course, I couldn’t let things be too dull, so I used two different polishes to end up with a neutral glittery manicure. They are OPI – Don’t Pretzel My Buttons and China Glaze – Fast Track. Keep reading to see how they look together!

opi don't pretzel my buttons and china glaze fast track

Tips for using striping tape on your nails

Wednesday, October 22nd 2014 Nails

After being inspired by my good friend and fellow blogger Caitlin, recently I have been making good use of striping tape in my manicures. I love the way it makes your nails look more interesting, and you can use it in really creative ways. Using it is something I initially struggled with, but now with practice and some research I have some advice that I can give to you!

blue and silver striping tape manicure

This is Revlon Limited Edition Sequin underneath OPI Yoga-Ta Get This Blue. Unintentionally looks like the Scottish flag.

Harry Potter nail art

Wednesday, October 1st 2014 Nails

Today I’m going to be showing you the most challenging nail art I’ve ever attempted. The Polish Addicts of New Zealand group/blog has run a nail art contest named ‘It’s a Kind of Magic’. You had to choose good magic, or dark magic, and do nail art to go with that theme. When I think of magic, my first thought is Harry Potter, so I’ve entered under the good magic category.

Challenge Background W Font - It's A Kind Of Magic - Square

Instagram roundup

Sunday, August 17th 2014 Nails

Even before I was a blogger, I liked to share my nails and makeup with the world on instagram. I’ve done a bit of a round up of some of my favourite beauty-related pictures from my personal instagram account from back in the day, and I hope you enjoy!

In this picture from September 2012 we have my collection after 6 months of frantic buying, because I was no longer working in a job where I couldn’t paint my nails!
OPI, China Glaze, Orly, Revlon and more.

This is some pretty basic nail art from Valentine’s Day 2013 – Orly White Out over Nicole by OPI’s Kourt is Red-y for a Pedi from their Kardashian Kollection

Nicole by OPI Kourt is Red-y for a Pedi


My attempt at stamping wasn’t  a great success and I haven’t repeated the experiment. Not sure what colour that polish is, I didn’t have it in the caption.


I invested in some french tip stickers and did this. The lighter pink is China Glaze Temptation Carnation and the darker pink is Orly Basket Case.

China Glaze Temptation Carnation and Orly Basket Case

My long-suffering boyfriend assisted with this, and I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. I only wrote that the pink was China Glaze and I haven’t narrowed it down because I have so many pink CG polishes. September 2013.

sept 2013 pink and white

This is December 2013, when I started to get more into makeup. The eyeshadows are from Urban Decay’s Fun Palette, and the polish is China Glaze Tantalize Me.
purple! dec 2013

More matching! The eyeshadow is a NYX Glam Shadow Stick in Enchanting Jade, and the polish is Rimmel 045 Misty Jade

matching makeup to nails jan 2014

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Lena x


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