Nail FAQ with Nailed it NZ

My friend Jessie is not just a nail art star on her youtube channel Nailed It NZ, but she is also a qualified nail technician. I’ve interviewed her with frequently asked questions about nail health, and general nail and nail polish queries. I found it really interesting, and I hope you will too! Do nails need to breathe? Not at all, the nail plate is made up of many layers of keratin, which is basically a bunch of dead cells. This means that your nails are dead, so giving them a “break to let them breathe” isn’t necessary. However, you can give your nails a break from nail polish if you want old stains to stains fade. (Note – I’ve got a video about this here)

Topshop nail polish & Glisten and Glow top coat

Recently Topshop opened in Auckland, and people were overjoyed – there were queues down the street on the first day. It didn’t really excite me as they don’t sell plus size clothes, but I finally went to Topshop when shopping with friends a little while ago. I had heard a lot about Topshop Beauty, so I made a beeline for that area. The range wasn’t enormous, but I was particularly taken with the nail polishes. This pink glittery polish attracted my inner magpie so much that I broke my self-imposed shopping ban and bought it! The shade is called Figment, and it was around $12 for an 8ml bottle. Another recent purchase, also nail related is the HK girl top coat. Friends of mine in the NZ Polish Addicts group had long been raving about how amazing it is, and I was tired of trying to finish a substandard top coat, so took the plunge. This was another example of me breaking my shopping ban, but honestly, ain’t nobody got time for a gloopy top coat.

Collection Cosmetics pastel polishes

Collection Cosmetics recently sent me a massive box of products from their range, and I was overwhelmed with how many great items they included. The first thing I ever tried from Collection was a nail polish when they launched last year, and I really liked it. So, I was stoked to see that they had sent me 5 polishes that are new to their Work The Colour collection. These are mostly pastel shades, which I looove because I love pastel nails. It might be winter but my nails are light and cheery! In this post I’ll be reviewing them, and showing how they look on my nails.

OlliePop and Luci giveaway

Why leave nail polish just on your nails? Anastasia is a fellow member of PANZ (Polish Addicts of New Zealand) and the person behind OlliePop and Luci. OlliePop and Luci, named after her adorable cats, is a brand of handmade nail polish, jewellery and other crafts. Anastasia has kindly provided one of her nail polish pendants for a giveaway! It was hard for me to choose which one was best, she had so many beautiful options, but I think this purple, blue, and red glittery one is just gorgeous! The pendant is made with nail polish in a 25mm diameter silver plated pendant, on a 50cm long silver chain. It sits at a nice length, just above the neckline on an average tank top or t-shirt – as you can see in the picture below. I promise I haven’t been wearing this, it was just for demonstration purposes! To enter, fill in the Rafflecopter giveaway form – this is open to New Zealand residents only. a Rafflecopter giveaway To buy yourself a pendant, or check out more from OlliePop and Luci including handmade nail polish, visit OlliePop and Luci on Facebook. Anastasia also blogs at  and she has some really cool nail art on […]

NZ indie polish month

It’s May, and that means that it’s NZ Indie Polish Month again! This year is the second time it has been run by PANZ and the first time I’ve really been around for it. What is PANZ?  PANZ (Polish Addicts of NZ) is a New Zealand based Facebook group for nail polish lovers! We’re super friendly and love meeting fellow polish addicts so please feel free to come join the fun here. What is NZ Indie Polish Month?  It’s the brainchild of Serra from Peacock Pie, a month long celebration of all things New Zealand made indie polish! We have some awesome local brands making really cool stuff and we want everyone to know about them. We’ll be using the hashtag #nzindiepolish on social media, please feel free to join in!


Faby Glittering Chlorophyll Nail Polish

FABY has released their winter 2015 collection, comprised of 12 futuristic and fantastic nail polishes. Inspired by the enigmatic women of science fiction, FABY features twelve imaginative lacquers that invite women to explore the boundaries of bold colour and create their own unique statement this winter. From luxurious satins and crèmes to eye-catching glitters and matte sparkle finishes, FABY’s futuristic set of lacquers is guaranteed to turn heads. I was sent FABY Glittering Chlorophyll from the Future Faby collection, and have been wearing it for the last week, ready to review it for you all.

China Glaze for audrey and china glaze fairy dust.11

China Glaze Nail Polish – For Audrey and Fairy Dust

Another week, another glittery manicure to show you all. This one uses two polishes, which are two of my favourite polishes of all time – and that is a pretty big statement, given I have over 100 polishes, and have used many others in my time. They are China Glaze – For Audrey and China Glaze – Fairy Dust. For Audrey is gorgeous light creamy blue, and Fairy Dust is a holographic glitter suspended in a clear base. Together, they make a beautiful combination that is extremely eye catching.

Zoya Vega Pixie Dust Nail Polish

When I was in Wellington last year, I spent a long time exploring the wonders of Kirkaldie and Stains beauty department. One of the things I was interested to see was the Zoya stand, it’s not a brand I’ve used before but I’ve heard it raved about online so I decided to buy one of their polishes. This is Zoya Vega, from their range of Pixie Dust polishes. Pictured with it is Orly Flash Dry – they’re quick dry drops, and I’m going to do a mini-review of them with the Zoya nail polish.

OCC Nail Lacquer – Spanglemaker

Did you know that Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, of the famous Lip Tars, makes nail polish too? Well, now you do! I discovered this while browsing which is an NZ-based site selling cruelty free beauty products. I purchased OCC Nail Lacquer – Spanglemaker because my magpie tendencies were very drawn to how shiny it is. Metallic silver polish is something I felt my collection was really lacking, and this needed to be rectified. Just to be straight up – I received a discount on my order in exchange for featuring the products.