Face of the day with L’Oréal Paris makeup

Wednesday, July 12th 2017 Makeup

L'Oreal makeup by Lena Talks Beauty

L’Oréal is a brand that I cut my makeup teeth on, so to speak. I remember I always used to try on L’Oréal products while waiting for prescriptions at the pharmacy, or at department stores. Then I got a bit older, and began to buy my own makeup and primarily bought  “drugstore” brands with a lot from L’Oréal.  Then I got even older and started earning more, spending more, and became a blogger and before long I stopped frequenting the self select makeup stands. So it has been fun for me to try these products and revisit what I liked about L’Oréal.

A little while ago I attended an event hosted by L’Oréal for bloggers and other beauty media to try some of their latest releases. You may have seen previews of this on my Instagram, and now I’ve finally written a blog post about the products I received at that event.

January and February 2017 empties

Wednesday, March 8th 2017 Nails

Lena Talks Beauty empties post - swisspers, simple, weleda, sebastian, olaplex, palmolive, pure fiji, mac cosmetics, collection cosmetics, paula's choice, innisfree, orly, hk girl

It’s time for another empties post! I didn’t use many products up during January so decided to make it a combined affair with February. Then everything seemed to run out all at once! I’ve been really trying to finish one product before opening another but we all know how hard that is. I have finished skin, hair, body, makeup, and nail items, so at least one from each of the main categories that I blog about. Some are even full size! Now, without further ado, let’s get stuck in. I’ll be linking in the titles to where I have reviewed the products previously.

Essence Cosmetics Summer 2016 releases

Monday, December 5th 2016 Makeup


Essence Cosmetics is a relative newcomer to the New Zealand makeup scene, and I’ve been a big fan ever since their launch. Essence releases new products all throughout the year which keeps the range fresh and up with current trends. They recently sent me a huge bundle of products, as you may have seen on my instagram and I decided to put them all on my face. Well, not all at once – that would be ridiculous! What I did was a full face look using all Essence products, and I’ll give a quick rundown on my thoughts of each item.

June and July empties

Sunday, July 31st 2016 Makeup

Batiste, Clinique, Simple, Collection, Trilogy, Rimmel, Lush, The Body Shop, Hask, Neutrogena - Lena Talks Beauty

It’s the start of a new month, which means it’s empties time! I completely forgot to write one for June, which means we have a bumper crop of used up products. There are 4 skincare, 3 body products, 6 makeup, and 2 haircare, most of them are even full size. Products are from brands such as Clinique, Batiste, Lush, Bare Minerals, Bourjois and much much more. Keep reading for my reviews on all of these products. Some of these products were sent to me from brands and PR companies, and those have been marked with an asterix – however my opinion is always honest.

Face of the Day with Bourjois

Wednesday, October 14th 2015 Makeup

Bourjois close up - Lena Talks Beauty

Bourjois is one of the oldest cosmetics houses, being founded in 1863 in France. It may have taken over 150 years but Bourjois is finally in New Zealand! I went to an event recently where we got to try a lot of their products, and learn more about the brand. I actually already had bought some Bourjois products, and received some for my birthday from a friend overseas, but I’m really glad that they’re in New Zealand now. I did a full face of makeup using exclusively Bourjois products, and here it is!

Bourjois makeup - Lena Talks beauty

Za Perfect Action Mascara

Friday, August 28th 2015 Makeup

Lena Talks Beauty - Za perfect action mascara brush

For a long time, before I really got into makeup, I thought all mascaras were much the same. How wrong was I?! Recently I was given the Za Perfect Action Mascara* and it’s what I’ve been wearing on my lashes most of the time lately. It seems like time for me to review it, and share my feelings about this Za Cosmetics mascara. It offers three effects in one – seperate lashes, wide volume brush, and long stretch fibers – so let’s have a look at how well I think those effects stack up!

Lena Talks Beauty - Za perfect action mascara brush

Essence Cosmetics – now in New Zealand!

Friday, February 27th 2015 Makeup

I’m very excited that Essence Cosmetics are now available in New Zealand! Essence is a European brand that I have bought from in Australia, but now they’ve made it to our shores. Essence has launched in New Zealand, and as part of that I was sent a number of their products to use gleeful smile. I tell you, being a beauty blogger is like it’s permanently Christmas. In this post I’ll be reviewing some of their face, lip, and eye products – spoiler alert, I like them a lot.

Essence cosmetics new zealand-002

Benefit Roller Lash mascara

Monday, February 16th 2015 Makeup

Last week I was invited to the launch of Benefit’s new Roller Lash mascara. It was held at Dry & Tea at City Works Depot, which incidentally was somewhere I had been wanting to go for a while! I headed along with a few blogger friends, and we were all eager to check out what had been a mystery for us until that point. The Benebabes were there, and we got the chance to try out this fab new mascara, as well as lots of the rest of the Benefit Cosmetics range.

Benefit Roller Lash mascara launch

Purple makeup collaboration

Wednesday, July 2nd 2014 Makeup

Today’s post is in collaboration with Analesha of Lipsandbubbles. We came across each other on the Beauty Review forum, and have been keeping in touch there and on twitter for a while now. We decided to do a collaboration around the colour purple, which is a hot trend this year.

I decided to showcase the purple look on my eyes, because I have quite a few purple eyeshadows and also was recently sent Maybelline color tattoo pigment in a purple hue. Purple looks great on with just about every eye colour, in my opinion. It might not be according to the colour rules, but I think if you like it, then wear it!

I applied my foundation as usual, using MAC Studio Sculpt and MAC Prolongwear concealer – I’ve previously written a post about my full base routine. Next up was filling in my brows, and I used Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Grey and a small angled brush.

The first step in my actual eye makeup application was my Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion which even comes in a purple tube, so on trend! The main product I used on my eyes was Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigment, shade number 15 – Potent Purple. The name is not wrong – it is a very potent colour, and I only needed a small amount to get a great colour pay off.I applied the pigment over my eyelid area using a large, dense eyeshadow brush –  it came in a set from Sephora about two years ago, but many brands stock similar products.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigments Potent Purple on lid

Potent Purple on my eyelid

Next I opened up a Maybelline eyeshadow quad that I bought last year. It’s 06Q, Amethyst Smokes. I have a couple of other of the ‘stylish smokes’ quads and really love using them – and they’re only around $16. I like that they have a few different colours that all work together nicely, even if you don’t use the guidelines for where they should be applied. I used the #1 shade which is listed as the base to highlight above the crease. I used a soft fluffy brush to blend it with the rest of the shadow, because I definitely didn’t want a big white line above my eyes! I like to extend my shadow above the crease/ eye socket area, because my eyes are slightly hooded and otherwise it not much of my eyeshadow is on show. I don’t go as far as my eyebrows though because it reminds me a bit too much of the eyeshadow fails I had as a teenager. Here’s a picture of the quad to show what the shadows look like – I didn’t take a photo of my one because it’s looking a bit battered.

Maybelline Amethyst Smokes

I think a lot of people would use black liquid eyeliner with look like this but for me, doing so would obscure my eyeshadow when my eyes are open, so I decided to go for a softer look. I wet a small angled brush and used the dark, semi-glittery shadow from the quad as an eyeliner. To complete the look I applied Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes mascara, which I have been loving lately.


Final look!

Final look with eyes closed so you can actually see the shadow!

Final look with eyes closed so you can actually see the shadow!

Aaaand here’s the full face look. I wore Natio Flutter lipstick which is nice and moisturising, and is a ‘my lips but better’ subtle shade.

Ta da!

Ta da!

So now that you’ve finished reading my post, go and check out what Analesha has to say about purple lipsticks at Lipsandbubbles

Lena x

Note: this isn’t a sponsored post. I was sent the pure pigment to review, and won the mascara from a competition on another blog, and purchased the quad myself. It just happens that all of my purple eye products are from Maybelline because they’re good quality and also cheap!

Review: Maybelline Volum’Express The Falsies Big Eyes

Sunday, June 15th 2014 Makeup

This week I was lucky enough to win a mascara from Maybelline that is yet to be released in New Zealand, through a competition. I had been seeing ads on buses and hints on their page, but I wasn’t sure what the product would actually be until it arrived. On Saturday I came home to a package from Maybelline, and I was so excited. I received the brand new Volum’ Express The Falsies Big Eyes mascara in shade 202 – blackest black. Alongside some of the other winners, I’ve been one of the first people in NZ to try out this mascara. It’s been on the market for about a year in the US, but isn’t available in NZ stores yet.

Maybelline the falsies big eyes and letter

The contents of my exciting package from Maybelline New York – New Zealand

Conveniently, I was about to start getting ready to go and have lunch with my friend Caitlin, who is one half of the fashion/beauty blog My Flatmate’s Wardrobe, so I decided to put it to the test.

I’ve put the description of the mascara from Maybelline’s website below and I’ll see if I agree with their description.

Revolutionary dual-ended Mascara for 360˚ All Around Lash Glam
Two brushes specifically designed for top and bottom lashes
Special quick-dry formula holds lashes in place
Why You’ll Love It
Now amplify lashes 360! The Upper brush pushes lashes over the top while the lower micro-brush grabs every tiny bottom lash for a full circle effect.

I was quite intrigued by the concept behind this, as I’ve often smeared mascara on the skin under my lower lashes with big bulky mascara wands, so much so that I actually rarely wear mascara on my lower lashes. I’ve heard of brands that sell separate lower lash mascaras but I’ve never been able to bring myself to buy one for such an oddly specific reason, but the two in one concept appealed to me.

Maybelline the falsies big eyes close up

To start off this review, here is a somewhat creepy close up of my eye, to show how the mascara looks on – really the most important part. Looking at the photo close up made me realise I need to pluck my eyebrows and that I should get undereye botox if that exists. But back to the mascara. I didn’t curl my lashes before I applied it, partly because I wanted to see how it looked just on natural lashes, and partly because every time I curl my lashes my eyes water. The formula of the mascara was very slightly clumpy, so a tiny comb may have been helpful in making my lashes look perfect, but alas I didn’t have one. 

Maybelline say this mascara is quick to dry, but when I sneezed a couple of minutes after application it got on my eyelid, which was annoying. I had to clean it up with a cotton bud and eye makeup remover, and ruined my eyeshadow. Realistically though, that would happen with just about any mascara that I’ve worn before. I’m not entirely sure what ‘amplify lashes 360’ really means, so I can’t say whether it did or didn’t do that. The lower lash wand was great, so delicate and applied nicely onto my lashes without getting close to the skin under my eyes, so I’m really happy with that. The upper lash one wasn’t anything revolutionary but it did give me results that I’m happy with.

Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes

Left side is the lower lashes brush, right side is for upper lashes

The mascara lasted well through the day, and didn’t smear or rub off at all which is good. It was a bit of a challenge to remove using a make up remover wipe, so I’d suggest perhaps using an oil or a dedicated remover if you buy this mascara yourself. I don’t know what price Maybelline will be selling this for, but most of their mascaras are around the $20 mark. I would happily pay that much for it, primarily because of the lower lash wand, which is something that other mascaras, both from Maybelline and other brands, do not seem to have. If lower lash mascara application is something you also struggle with, then I suggest that you follow Maybelline New York – New Zealand on Facebook so you will know when this is available for purchase in stores.

Full look

Above is a non-close up picture of my make up for Saturday, which was a fairly low-key look. I wore Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB cream* (sensitive, light), with Rimmel Stay Matte powder over the top. I used my ELF brow kit, a couple of shades from my Naked 3 palette on my lids, the Maybelline mascara of course, and wore MAC Snob lipstick. It was perfect for a casual Saturday lunch in the sunshine, and then I went to get my nails done as you might have seen on instagram. I hope that you all had lovely weekends too 🙂

Lena x

*I’ll be reviewing the BB cream on Beauty Review, if you’re interested you can keep an eye on all my reviews on my profile.



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