All about lip fillers

Lip fillers seem to be the talk of the town these days, with even Kylie Jenner finally owning up to the fact that she gets them. I know a lot of people have questions about them, after seeing heaps of posts and comments online, so today’s post is all about lips! My sister Raquel has been getting Juvederm lip fillers for the last few years, so I thought I’d ask her some questions about them. I also have a lower cost, and less invasive method of plumping up your lips to share with you. Please note that neither of us are medical practitioners, and we recommend you consult with an appropriately qualified person regarding any procedure such as lip fillers.

Manuka Doctor and Plantae Skincare

I feel so lucky that through blogging I get the opportunity to try so many interesting new beauty products. Not all of them make it to the blog, but today I’ll be sharing my thoughts about two skincare products I’ve been using and liking for a few weeks now. They are Plantae Sea Buckthorn Berry Night Cream and Manuka Doctor Brightening Facial Oil, and both of them now feature in regular rotation for my evening skincare routine. Regular readers may know that my skin tends towards dry, and somewhat sensitive – so keep that in context for my reviews. Like with all skincare, what works well for me could be terrible for you.