Empties: August & September

Wednesday, October 4th 2017 Beauty

Lena Talks Beauty Empties - August and September

Time has got away on me – my formerly monthly empties posts have now seemed to become every second month! This post is a bit of a long one, so I better get cracking. I finished 15 products, 12 of them full size (including 2 single-use masks), and 3 mini/sample sized. The products range across haircare, skincare, body products, makeup, and nails.

Work beauty supplies

Sunday, May 18th 2014 Uncategorised

I spend around 40 hours a week sitting at my office desk, and for someone as beauty obsessed as me, that means that I need to keep some supplies with me. Of course I have a fair bit of things in my hand bag – lipsticks, hand cream, hair brush etc, but I like to have them at my desk as well. The people I work with find it a bit amusing but they have benefited from it from time to time. I’ll be showing and explaining what they all are, and why I think they are essential. Your needs and situation may vary of course, so let me know in the comments section what you have at your work.


Top left: Deodorant – pretty self explanatory why this might come in handy. Next is Batiste dry shampoo which is an incredible invention, and it’s useful if I get to work and realise my hair is a little bit greasy. it has a pleasant cherry smell which is a nice bonus, and doesn’t leave any white residue. Then there are some eye drops for if my eyes get dry from staring at the screen all day. The hair brush is for if my hair is knotted, or needed to brush the dry shampoo through. I have a hand sanitiser because the world is a gross place, and our bathroom soap at work dries out my hands. Next up is Clinique Moisture Surge – this is great if my skin is dry during the day. It was $10 for this little pot at Mecca Cosmetica which is probably excessive but it’s nice to feel fancy sometimes. Then I have a sample of Marc Jacobs Dot perfume which is really lovely – I sometimes forget to put perfume on in the morning and I like to smell nice. Nivea Lip butter in Caramel cream is an incredible lip balm, smells delicious and is very moisturising. Speaking of moistursiing balm, I have Lush Lemony Flutter. This cult item is a great cuticle butter and all over hand lotion. Again, it smells delicious – scents seem to be a bit of a recurring theme here.

I got sent the Carmex lip balm for free, and I don’t even know why I’ve kept it as I was not a fan of it at all. You can read my scathing review on Beauty review here. The small bag with cotton buds and balls and a nail file were part of my gift from my Twitter Secret Santa, and so were a few of the other times coming up. The fresh breath spray comes in handy after coffees or a garlic filled lunch. I do also have a toothbush and toothpaste which aren’t pictured here. My secret santa also included the Malin + Goetz lip balm and moisturiser. I’ve never seen these products in NZ stores so that was a bit exciting for me. The Kiehls body lotion sample and the Dr Hasuchka hand cream sample were also from my secret santa. The Lucas Pawpaw ointment is one of my favourite lip balms. If I have a dry nose in winter from being blowing it a lot, or just the dry wing, I can even put some on there. Last of all is my Planet Earth hand cream. I don’t use it as much recently since getting the Lemony Flutter but it is an old favourite.


It may look like a lot of products but most of them pack away into the bag from my secret santa. My most recently used products sit out by my computer monitor so that I can easily access them.


I feel a bit high maintenance for having so much of that stuff there, but I like to be prepared. I also have a big tea and food stash as well, which has been very useful to me. I’ve never been a scout or anything but I do like to be prepared. I don’t really have any make up there, mostly because I don’t have duplicates of any of my products because a lot of them are fairly pricey. I rarely retouch anything but lip products during the day as my base routine and use of primers means that my foundation holds well.

What sort of things do you keep at your work? Are you inspired by this beauty hoard and are going to stock up your desk? Let me know!

Lena x


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