All used up – empties from Pureology, Neutrogena, MAC and more

Monday, February 19th 2018 Beauty, Body, Hair care, Makeup, Nails, Skincare

It’s been months since I wrote an empties post, or indeed any sort of beauty post, but I have still been dutifully storing all my empty products. I have a number of full sized products, ranging from shampoo to moisturiser, an eyebrow pencil and more. This post is going to be a long one, so let’s dive right in.

May, June, and July empties – bumper edition!

Saturday, July 29th 2017 Beauty

Lena talks beauty empties post - hair, skin & cuticles

This post is long overdue – and I can tell this because my empties box is quite literally overflowing. With moving house and changing jobs, this poor wee blog has been sorely neglected but now I feel like I’ve got life under control so I’m back baby! Over the last 3 months I have finished 12 products, with most of those being full size so I’m pretty proud of myself. I’ve made a real point of sticking to a consistent skincare routine which means I’m behind in trying new products but my skin is loving it, and I’ve actually managed to finish a few things. This post features hair, skin, body, and nail care products, so let’s jump into it.

Face of the day with L’Oréal Paris makeup

Wednesday, July 12th 2017 Makeup

L'Oreal makeup by Lena Talks Beauty

L’Oréal is a brand that I cut my makeup teeth on, so to speak. I remember I always used to try on L’Oréal products while waiting for prescriptions at the pharmacy, or at department stores. Then I got a bit older, and began to buy my own makeup and primarily bought  “drugstore” brands with a lot from L’Oréal.  Then I got even older and started earning more, spending more, and became a blogger and before long I stopped frequenting the self select makeup stands. So it has been fun for me to try these products and revisit what I liked about L’Oréal.

A little while ago I attended an event hosted by L’Oréal for bloggers and other beauty media to try some of their latest releases. You may have seen previews of this on my Instagram, and now I’ve finally written a blog post about the products I received at that event.

October Empties – hair, skin, body products

Monday, November 7th 2016 Makeup


Another month, another round of empties. I’ve been making a concerted effort to finish products, especially some of my many sample sachets that I’ve been hoarding for years. 13 different products isn’t a bad effort in my book. They were mostly skin and body care products, with a few haircare products, and one makeup item rounding out the group. The brands featured include Paula’s Choice, Neutrogena, Maybelline, Lush, and Vaseline. Let’s crack into it!

Priceline haul – Australis, L’Oreal, and Maybelline

Wednesday, June 1st 2016 Makeup

Australis Banana Powder, Maybelline Color Drama pencil Berry Much, L'Oreal Infallible Matte FX powder lipstick Virgin

During my recent trip to Melbourne, Priceline was having a 40% off cosmetics sale! Priceline is always one of my first stops in Australia, for makeup, skincare, haircare, and basically every product I want to buy. They have a great range of ‘drugstore’ brands, and include quite a few that we don’t have easily accessible in New Zealand. Makeup is generally cheaper in Australia than in NZ, so I was pretty excited by that! I didn’t actually end up buying a huge amount of makeup because my collection is a ridiculous size (I blame blogging for that), but I did get a few things from Australis, L’Oreal, and Maybelline.

April empties part one

Monday, May 4th 2015 Makeup

The beauty of being on a no-buy is that I’ve been using up lots of products! I’ve been making a concerted effort to finish as many things as possible, and it’s been working well. During April I finished two full size products, a deluxe sample, as well as a few samples, which I was very impressed by. Especially the fact I finished a lipstick – that has NEVER happened to me before! Here’s what I finished, and I’m going to be splitting this post into two, since otherwise it’d be ridiculously long. I’ll link the second post once it’s up, later in the week.

frank body scrub, revlon lip butter, urban decay eyeshadow primer potion, hyaluronic acid sheet mask,schwarzkopf essence ultima shampoo

Lipsticks from Maybelline, MAC, L’Oreal and Ka’oir

Friday, October 31st 2014 Makeup

One of my best friends, Caitlin, is going overseas for a while so she downsized some of her lipstick collection, and I was the one who benefited! Of course, I fully sanitised them before use so please don’t think I’m gross. Some of them are ones I had seen her wear and loved, and others I wasn’t quite sure about, but I was excited nonetheless. I spent a pretty fun afternoon swatching and trying most of them on, all for you, dear readers.

new lipsticks

From left to right –

  • Maybelline New York Colorsensational  – 310 Mochachino
  • L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Intense –  290 Plum Passion
  • MAC Amplified Creme –  Chatter Box
  • MAC Amplified – Show Orchid
  • MAC Matte – Russian Red
  • Maybelline New York Colorsensational – 906 Hot Plum
  • Ka’oir – Gorgeous


Saturday, October 4th 2014 Hair care

I’ve been making a huge effort to try and use up as many products as possible, so that beauty products don’t take over my entire house. There’s a fair bit coming in between purchases, subscription boxes and products to review, so others have got to be emptied. Today I’ll be showing you what I finished in September, ranging from body to haircare, so lets get started!

Nivea, Pantene, Neutrogena Naturals, Silk Naturals Empties

Four new lipsticks!

Wednesday, August 13th 2014 Makeup

Last weekend Makeup Obsessives had a meet up, and it was AWESOME. It was great catching up with friends, and finally meeting people in person after seeing their pictures for months. We also got an amazing goodie bag which felt like Christmas and my birthday had come at once. I’m progressively working my way through and trying everything, but today I’m going to show you the four lipsticks I got – three were in the goodie bag and one was a gift from a friend.


Monday, July 7th 2014 Makeup

This post has been a while in the works- because I have sooooo many beauty products and like to switch around what I use, it takes me forever to use things. However, I have finally used up enough things to warrant a post. I like reading empties posts because if someone has used an entire product they must have a really clear idea of how it worked, and what they thought of it – much more in depth than a first impressions post. I have 6 products to review today, so let’s get to it!


MAC Face and Body N2 – $60NZD
I bought this just as I was getting into makeup – it was a nice way to start getting used to applying a full face of foundation. It’s not a very heavy coverage, but when combined with some spot concealer – usually MAC Pro Longwear concealer it was great for me. I usually applied it with a basic foundation brush, it’s a bit too runny to use just with your fingers. I only ever wore it on my face, not my body, but you have the option to, apparently! I don’t have any high quality photos of me wearing it unfortunately because I finished it before I started blogging but here’s one I pulled off instagram. I wear NW20 in other MAC foundations but the shades work differently in Face and Body so I wear N2. It costs $60 in NZ, and it’s an 50 ml bottle.
Repurchase? Maybe. I prefer a heavier coverage now. It is a good product if you’re after a nice light foundation.

Me wearing MAC Face and Body foundation

Me wearing MAC Face and Body foundation

L’Oreal Professionel Smooth Velours thermal blow dry milk
This isn’t the sort of thing that I would usually buy, I tend to keep my hair products fairly simple because with a lot of hair it can get expensive using a lot of fancy products. I got this in a goodie bag from my hairdresser, and I quite liked using it. You apply a hazelnut sized amount – quite specific I thought. I used more than that because I have such thick hair, and then rub it all through my damp hair before I blow dry it. It definitely made my hair much smoother, sometimes after I blow dry it it can be a bit fuzzy – I am not a blow drying champion like hairdressers are.
Repurchase? I can’t find out how much a full-size costs as it seems to be salon only, but if it’s not too expensive I would buy it.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
I’ve been using this cleanser for over a decade, and continually repurchase it. It’s gentle on my skin – never leaves it feeling dry or tight like some other cleansers do. It does have Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in it, which I know is drying for some people but it’s lower down the ingredients list than other brands, so it doesn’t foam as much or have as much of a drying effect. The 500ml bottle lasts me forever, and it usually is about $30 which is such a bargain. I just transfer some to a smaller bottle if I’m travelling somewhere. It removes light makeup but I do need to use a makeup remover to get mascara and heavier eye makeup off. It’s available at supermarkets, pharmacies, Farmers – just about everywhere.
Repurchase? Already have, and will continue to do so probably forever.

Clinique High Definition Lashes Brush Then Comb Mascara
I finished this recently, and accidentally threw it away without photographing it – oops! So below this is a picture I found online of it, to show the great brush. I’d had it for a bit longer than was probably hygienec, but it was discontinued and I couldn’t bear to part with it. I really liked the small comb, I used it on my bottom lashes and they were never clumpy. But, now I have my Maybelline mascara with the bottom lash wand, so it’s a decent substitute, and also more affordable. I bought the Clinique mascara overseas where it was $16 USD but in NZ it’s closer to $40 as far as I know.
Repurchase? If it existed!

Clinique High Definition Lashes Brush Then Comb Mascara

Clinique High Definition Lashes Brush Then Comb Mascara

Silk Naturals Organic Olive Oil Moisturiser
I got this as a sample when I ordered my Lactic Acid toner and some makeup, and it was a great little hand cream to carry about in my handbag. It has Olive oil and Jojoba oil, both of which are very moisturising. There isn’t any added fragrance which is good for me, as fragrance can be irritating to the eczema I sometimes get on my hands, and really I don’t care if my hands don’t smell like flowers. With winter coming I need a heavier hand cream so I wouldn’t use this at the moment but if I order from them in the future I would get another mini size of this. Silk Naturals is an indie company that’s online only – here is where to buy the Olive Oil moisturiser. It costs 4oz (118ml) is $11.99 USD, or the size I have is $2.99 USD. 1 oz (30ml) is 
Repurchase: If I was ordering other things, I’d pop it in the cart, but wouldn’t order especially for this.

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip oil
I have waxed lyrical about how much I love this product before, but since I finished it this week it deserves to be included in this post. I love using rosehip oil on my face, it’s incredibly moisturising and not greasy, and I’m pretty sure it’s helped clear up pigmentation from my acne. I have an entire post on rosehip oil which you can read for more about my love for it.
Repurchase: Definitely!

Have you tried any of these products – what did you think? Am I the only one who never finishes any beauty products because of having so many on the go at once?Lena x


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