MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour – review and swatches

Friday, April 14th 2017 Makeup

Early in 2016, MAC Cosmetics released their take on matte liquid lipsticks with their Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour collection. I didn’t try them then, but now they’re back. This year’s Retro Matte collection is full of deep and muted tones, ready for the autum/winter season here in New Zealand. I was sent three of the shades from this range by MAC Cosmetics and in this post I will be showing you how they look as well as sharing my thoughts on them.

Kylie Cosmetics Dirty Peach Lip Kit Review

Monday, January 9th 2017 Makeup

Kylie Cosmetics Dirty Peach Lip Kit by Lena Talks Beauty

For Christmas my stepsister Raquel gave me the Kylie Cosmetics Dirty Peach Lip Kit. She asked if I wanted anything when she went to the Kylie pop up shop but I wasn’t sure about what shades there were so I told her to just pick one. She told me that the sales assistant said it was one of their most popular shades, and was versatile for different skin tones. Dirty Peach is a mid-tone yellow peach and it’s unlike any other lipstick shade I have. However, it is still perfectly wearable for my fairly conservative receptionist job. In this post I’ve got a review and swatches of the Kylie Cosmetics Dirty Peach Lip Kit, so keep reading.

Kylie Cosmetics Dirty Peach Liquid lipstick - Lena Talks Beauty

Colourpop haul – review & swatches

Wednesday, December 14th 2016 Makeup

colourpop - lena talks beauty

Colourpop took the makeup world by storm a couple of years ago and has been going strong ever since. I had been put off by their expensive international shipping, but when I saw they had free international shipping with a spend of $50 I knew it was time to pull the trigger. I bought things from several of their different categories so I could really get to know what their products were like. I ordered two lip pencils, an ultra satin liquid lipstick, a lippie stix, an eyeshadow, and a blush. Shipping was reasonably fast, I ordered late at night on the 15th of November and it travelled all the way from Colourpop in LA to  New Zealand by the 24th of November. Keep reading for swatches, reviews, and pictures of these Colourpop goodies on my face.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick – L.U.V.

Tuesday, May 19th 2015 Makeup

Back in January, I bought Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade L.U.V. It’s a rich violet shade, and I hadn’t been brave enough to actually wear it until quite recently. Purple lipstick has become more popular in recent years, and I see people wearing it all over beauty blogs and forums, but I don’t often see people actually wearing it in person. However, last week I finally gathered the nerve to wear it out, and this post is the result of that! I’ll be sharing my thoughts on its performance, and whether I am in LUV with it or not.

kat von d luv liquid lipstick

Australis Velourlips – MI-A-MEE

Friday, January 9th 2015 Uncategorised

Australis recently added 5 new colours to their range of Velourlips Matte Lip Creams. I was pretty excited by this, since the original colours were a bit too bold for my usual style. The new colours are MIL-A-NO, a pale nude; HON-O-LOO-LOO which is a slightly darker nude, HO-CHEE-MIN which is a pastel pink, LUN-DUN, a lilac shade, and MI-A-MEE which is a watermelon pink. I swatched them all, and settled on purchasing MI-A-MEE.

Australis velourlips matte lip cream mi-a-mee


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