Karen Murrell Orchid Bloom and Lavender Laughter Lipsticks

Karen Murrell Orchid Bloom & Lavender Laughter

Orchid Bloom and Lavender Laughter are two of the latest lipsticks from Karen Murrell that I have kindly been sent as PR samples. Orchid Bloom is a warm brown with a touch of pink and Lavender Laughter is a soft pastel lavender. Both of these lipsticks are lovely shades that are very suitable for day to day wear, and I’ll be showing them both in this post.

5 Favourite Pink Lipsticks

Someone asked me the other day what my favourite pink lipsticks are. This was a seriously hard decision for me.I have so many pink lipsticks, it felt like I was trying to choose my favourite child – if I had 20 children. I ended up choosing lipsticks from Bourjois, NYX, MAC, Rimmel, and Karen Murrell. Read on to see which ones they are, and why they’re my favourite.

Lena Talks Beauty - Za perfect action mascara brush

Za Perfect Action Mascara

For a long time, before I really got into makeup, I thought all mascaras were much the same. How wrong was I?! Recently I was given the Za Perfect Action Mascara* and it’s what I’ve been wearing on my lashes most of the time lately. It seems like time for me to review it, and share my feelings about this Za Cosmetics mascara. It offers three effects in one – seperate lashes, wide volume brush, and long stretch fibers – so let’s have a look at how well I think those effects stack up!

Karen Murrell lipsticks giveaway

Karen Murrell lipsticks giveaway

I adore Karen Murrell lipsticks, as I have mentioned on here many times before. Every time I write about them, you all seem to be very interested in trying the lipsticks too. I’ve paired up with Karen Murrell to offer a giveaway! Two lucky readers will each be winning two Karen Murrell lipsticks – Red Shimmer and Fuschia Shock. To enter, please visit my Facebook page and comment which of the shades is your favourite. Liking the page isn’t a condition of entry, but I’d love it if you did! It’s a great way to keep up to date with my latest posts, as well as other snippets of my life, and photos of different things I’ve been trying. The winner will be chosen at random, and entries close Wednesday 12th August at 11:59pm NZ time. Entry is restricted to NZ residents only – sorry! Thanks to Karen Murrell for providing these lipsticks as prizes. For more about Red Shimmer and Fuschia fever, including swatches, visit my recent post. Good luck to all the entrants!

Karen Murrell lipsticks – Red Shimmer & Fuschia Shock

I have written multiple times about how lovely Karen Murrell lipsticks are. They are a beautiful texture, a great range of colours, aren’t tested on animals, and are from a New Zealand brand. Red Shimmer and Fuschia Shock are two from Karen Murrell’s lipstick line which I have recently been sent. Like the rest of the line, these lipsticks are gorgeous.I love the attention to detail that they give the packaging, with illustrations that fit with the theme of the shade.

Karen Murrell True Love lipstick

Karen Murrell is a brand that I have been exposed to through blogging, and I am so glad about that, because her lipsticks are just wonderful. I’ll acknowledge that I have received all of the Karen Murrell lipsticks I own through the PR company that represents them but I absolutely would put my money where my mouth is and purchase them myself. This is the 20th lipstick in the range, and it is called True Love. “To celebrate my 20th lipstick I wanted to pay tribute to the love of my craft with a lust-worthy blue-based red.  It had to be completely different from any red that I had designed before and it had to symbolise the love that I felt when I wore my first red lipstick” – Karen Murrell, Creative Director, Karen Murrell Lipsticks

Coral lipstick for summer

I am a fan of wearing coral lipstick, especially because it is so perfectly suited to warmer weather. It’s spring here in New Zealand, and we have been having some beautifully sunny days. Today I’m going to share with you three of my favourite coral lipsticks – ELF Matte Lip Color in Coral, Karen Murrell Coral Dawn and Avon Ultra Rich Color Lipstick in Skin. These lipsticks range from the reddish type of coral to more brownish, and they’re perfect for summer or spring days.

Sugar Rush lipstick from Karen Murrell

Spring is here and Karen Murrell has the sweetest lipstick for this season! Inspired by the days of disco, it’s a candy pink called Sugar Rush*, and I am in love. It’s bright enough to be eye-catching, while still being suited to wear in the day time. I was lucky enough to be sent this, and have had so many compliments about how it looks while wearing it over the last couple of weeks. Karen Murrell lipsticks are made with natural ingredients such as Avocado oil which is hydrating for the lips, and Carnuba wax that has a high melting point so it won’t melt in your handbag in the summer sun. The finish is semi-matte but it doesn’t feel drying on the lips at all which is good for lips like mine which have suffered through a dry winter. The RRP is $29.95 and I think the quality is better than lipsticks from much more expensive brands. Karen Murrell lipsticks are never tested on animals and they are ‘vegetarian lipsticks’ – not vegan, as they do include beeswax. Sugar Rush, and all other Karen Murrell lipsticks, are available from pharmacies and health food stores nationwide  – to locate stockists […]

Winter’s heating up with Karen Murrell Rymba Rhythm lipstick

The weather might be cold outside, but my new lipstick from Karen Murrell is heating things up! Bare PR very kindly sent me her latest release, Rymba Rhythm. “Rymba Rhythm is my tribute colour to love and passion. It is designed for anyone looking to turn up the heat in their life!” Karen Murrell, Creative Director, Karen Murrell Lipsticks Reow – I was pretty excited to get this on my lips! Karen Murrell is a brand which is very focused about things being natural. Often, brands will say things like that and it turns out to be a bit of a stretch, or not much more than a marketing claim. However, these lipsticks are actually quite natural – there aren’t any artificial colours or fragrances. The only thing that I’m concerned about is the fact it doesn’t have any preservatives – I’m worried that perhaps this lipstick will go off quickly, but I suppose I will have to see how it lasts. Karen Murrell lipsticks aren’t tested on animals, which is something that is becoming more important to me. They are ‘vegetarian lipsticks’ – not vegan, as they do include beeswax. The full ingredients list is available on KarenMurrell.com As you can see in […]