Interview with Rebekah Banks Makeup Artist

Makeup artistry is a fascinating profession, and as a makeup enthusiast I have always wondered what it’s like behind the scenes. I recently had the opportunity to interview Rebekah Banks, who has been working as a makeup artist for six years. Rebekah works on editorial shoots, as well as doing makeup for weddings and other special events. She shared with me about her career, and also some tips for how to improve your makeup.


Botox – Frequently Asked Questions

A little while ago I posted an interview about my stepsister’s experience with getting lip fillers and everyone was very interested in that post.  So on the topic of cosmetic injections I decided to interview another friend who gets Botox since I’m sure people are curious about it too! As with the last post, neither of us profess to be experts, so if you are interested in getting Botox I recommend having a consultation with a professional. Now with that caveat – let’s get into these frequently asked questions about Botox!

Nail FAQ with Nailed it NZ

My friend Jessie is not just a nail art star on her youtube channel Nailed It NZ, but she is also a qualified nail technician. I’ve interviewed her with frequently asked questions about nail health, and general nail and nail polish queries. I found it really interesting, and I hope you will too! Do nails need to breathe? Not at all, the nail plate is made up of many layers of keratin, which is basically a bunch of dead cells. This means that your nails are dead, so giving them a “break to let them breathe” isn’t necessary. However, you can give your nails a break from nail polish if you want old stains to stains fade. (Note – I’ve got a video about this here)

An interview with my mum!

In honour of Mother’s Day I asked my mum to answer a few questions about beauty. She is one of my biggest beauty role models, I’m always passing on great tips of hers like combing your hair in small sections from the bottom up, and always wearing sunscreen. I wouldn’t dare give away her age but I’m sure you’d all agree that she looks very youthful.   1.    Who is your beauty biggest inspiration? Definitely not my mother – she was married to a pharmacist and unless she was going out to a special event she barely wore more than a slash of lipstick. I get inspired if I see a movie and like the person’s makeup – eg the movie Chocolat – the lady wore red lipstick and red shoes – so I went straight out and bought both. 2.    What beauty sins are you guilty of? Occasionally I line the inner rim of my eyes with eyeliner – this is a terrible hangover from the 80’s that I found very hard to give up. (editor’s note: she also never takes her make up off before bed) 3.    You’re running late – choose 3 the only 3 make up items […]