Microdermabrasion at Caci Clinic

Monday, July 18th 2016 Skincare

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I was lucky enough to win a voucher for a microdermabrasion treatment at Caci Clinic via a giveaway from Rose and Thorne. I had heard great things about microdermabrasion previously but never quite understood what was involved, so I was quite excited. I had my treatment and complimentary skin consulation at Caci Clinic Milford a couple of weeks ago. People on social media seemed very curious about microdermabrasion, and peppered me with questions about it. This post is about my experience of having microdermabrasion, as well as some research I’ve done into the microdermabrasion procedure.

Dermalogica Facial at Esthetica

Wednesday, July 16th 2014 Skincare

Last week I decided that I needed a bit of pampering, and also that my skin could do with some help, as I’m still struggling with acne, so I hopped on Flossie.com and scored myself a deal for a Dermalogica Facial. I chose a Dermalogica Active Resurfacer 35 facial from Esthetica Waxing and Skin Specialists, in Birkenhead, Auckland – it cost $60, and the normal price is $80. I did have a $50 Flossie credit, so I only paid $10, but this isn’t sponsored by Flossie or Esthetica in any way – I’m just mentioning Flossie because it’s a great way to get a cheap price on high quality beauty services. 

When I went for my facial, it was a wild and windy cold Saturday, so it was nice to go to Esthetica’s beautifully clean, warm salon. Fran, the therapist and owner, greeted me and gave me a glass of water, while I filled in some pre-treatment forms about my skin concerns, any medications I’m on and my current skincare routine. Once we went into the treatment room, she went through the form with me and asked me a lot of questions – she was very thorough, and I felt like I could really trust her with my precious skin, which takes a lot for me.

Fran started with doing a face map for me – which you can see below. She noted down where the pimples, fine lines (eek!), milia, and other skin issues were present on my face. This is done to keep track of how skin changes through treatment – if I go back, it’ll be done again, and we can see the changes. The treatment itself began with a double cleanse of my skin – first with an oil of some sort, and then a cleanser. I’m not exactly sure which specific Dermalogica products these were, as she didn’t tell me their names. Everything went down to my neck as well, which is good – you don’t want a glowing youthful face and then a neck which rudely announces your age!

face map

Fran used an exfoliator, which was lovely and gentle, and while she was applying this to my face a steamer was on. I’ve never had a steamer used while having a facial before, so this was a bit new for me. I’ve read that steaming your face can cause negative effects, if the steam is too hot and you do it for too long, but that was merely warm and it wasn’t for that long. 

The star ingredient of the The Active Resurface 35 treatment is a product aptly named the Exfoliant Accelerator 35 – it contains 30% lactic acid, which is the same AHA that I use regularly, albeit normally at an 8% concentration. It also includes Salicylic acid, a BHA, and other botanical extracts. The whole time the treatment was going, Fran was explaining the products and how they work, which was very interesting to me. She warned to be particularly careful with applying sunscreen for a week after this treatment, as the chemical exfoliant removes top layer of your skin which can put you at a major risk for sun damage. Trust me, I’ve been obeying, and have been even more sunscreen vigilant than usual.

My memory has failed me, and I can’t remember if the extractions were directly after the Exfoliant Accelerator, or after the mask. Either way, Fran extracted a few milia for me, including one on my brow bone which I have been hating for months. She warned me it would be a bit of a sting, as she inserted a needle into the milia and gently squeezed the cyst out – sounds disgusting, and it probably looked gross too. It was a sharp sensation, especially the one right by my eye, but it disappeared quickly. Then she applied a couple of different masks at once, one of which was made of oatmeal which was very soothing for my skin. Once these were removed, she applied a moisturiser and eye cream to me, followed by a tinted moisturiser with SPF 20 which was good. Even though it was a gloomy day, UVA is always present and you need to be protected.

At the end of the treatment, Fran explained to me which Dermalogica products she recommended that I use, and gave me some samples so that I could try them at home and see what I think. I left, clutching my samples and skin map, very happily. The treatment took 45 minutes, but I was there for about an hour because we discussed skincare for a while. I really enjoyed this experience, and felt utterly radiant afterwards. Here’s a picture of me looking radiant that I took afterwards (I actually look much the same because it takes a few days for the effects of the treatment to show, but just play along okay)

So radiant

I received samples of:

– Daily Microfoliant
– Overnight clearing gel
– Skin Prep scrub
– Clear Start

I’ll be using these over the next few weeks, and will have another post reviewing them.

Dermalogica Samples

To purchase the same treatment go to Flossie.com or for more about Esthetica check out their website.

Lena x


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