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Face of the day

Sometimes, I do a really nice makeup look and just feel compelled to share it on here. This post doesn’t have a particular theme, I suppose you could just call it a Face Of The Day (or rather night) post. I used a few products that I don’t often use, including a lipstick which I bought at Christmas time and had yet to even open. I possibly shouldn’t have spent so long doing my makeup and playing with my new camera as I ended up being late to the event I was going to, but since I did, it only makes sense that I should at least share the photos. After the jump, find out what products I used!

Makeup Obsessives meet up

In 2013, I joined a Facebook group that would change my life. That sounds slightly dramatic, but really, it’s true. I joined Makeup Obsessives, and went from someone with a mild interest in makeup, to a full on obsessive. The group started small, but now it has 30 000 members which is incredible – but it still feels like a cosy family that is super supportive and amazing. People say sometimes that women who are interested in typically girly things, especially makeup, are vapid, and bitchy, but I haven’t found that to be the case with MUO. Of course, I’ve had the odd clash with someone but that’s bound to happen with so many people – but the admins manage to keep things running smoothly. Recently a meet up for the group was held in Auckland, and I headed along. This was my fourth meet up, and as always it was great. Even at my first meet up when I had never met anyone else, I felt really welcomed and like part of the group. Today’s post is a bit of a long one, but it’s a goodie – all about the great event, and of course, the makeup that I wore.

Darling Girl Cosmetics review and swatches

Today I’m going to be sharing with you my order from Darling Girl Cosmetics. They are an indie cosmetics company based in the USA, primarily known for their eyeshadows  but also selling a range of other makeup. I mainly ordered to get Glitter Glue, which is a product that holds glitter or shimmer in place and makes your eye shadow look more vibrant. This is raved about all over indie makeup forums, and I desperately wanted it. I also purchased three eyeshadows, and received a mini eyeshadow and a sample bag as gifts with purchase. Marzipan Nipples, from the Black Collection, inspired by Orange Is The New Black. Mass Hysteria, from the Who Ya Gonna Call Ghostbusters-inspired collection. Survival Instinct, from the Hunger Games-inspired Only One Can Win collection Portal of Faces – gift with purchase. Splendor, sample bag.

Mini Indie makeup haul!

I did a tiny indie makeup haul through a forum-based destash sale, and I’m excited to share it with you all. I’ve only recently got into indie makeup, and it is so cool. Buying makeup directly from the people who produce it, who are usually just one person operations, means they are usually very cheap, and I like supporting small businesses. I’ve never heard of an indie brand to test on animals, and many of them have products that are entirely vegan. Today I have products from Darling Girl Cosmetics and Shiro Cosmetics. Both of these shadows were from the ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ Holiday 2013 collection produced by Darling Girl Cosmetics. Wink is described as ‘Soft peachy pink with gold highlight’ and Ashes and Soot is ‘Sooty gray brown base with golden undertones and copper iridescence and some violet tones lurking about.’ They are both utterly gorgeous colours, remind me somewhat of the colours in my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, but different enough that I don’t feel like it’s repetitive. Using loose pigments can be a little bit messy, especially with some fallout from darker shadows, but the colour pay off is so worth it. From what I’ve […]