Glamorous Shorty False Eyelashes review by Lena Talks Beauty

Social Eyes Lashes Review & tips to apply false eyelashes

False eyelashes are becoming more and more commonplace, but I have always been a bit scared of using them. A friend recommended Social Eyes Lashes to me, so I decided to give them a whirl. Social Eyes is owned by Karissa Pukas who has a popular beauty YouTube channel, so I figured she knows a thing or two about eyelashes! In this post I’ll be showing you Tease and Glamorous Shorty lashes by Social Eyes Lashes, and sharing some of my advice for how to apply false eyelashes.

Social Eyes Lashes Glamorous Shorty and Tease False Eyelashes Review - Lena Talks Beauty

Tease lashes

Playful half lashes that add volume and length in all the right places. Lightweight and very comfortable to wear! Great lash for a beginner to use.

Tease Eyelashes from Social Eyes Lashes - Review by Lena Talks Beauty

Perfect for a beginner – that’s exactly what I wanted to hear. Half lashes give a more subtle look, whilst still adding some fullness. The false lashes go on the outer edge of your natural lashes and look lovely on. I think you could easily wear these even in the daytime without looking too dramatic

Glamorous Shorty Lashes

Glamorous Shorty is a shorter version of our best selling Glamorous Lash! Perfect for whispy everyday lashes, or if you have smaller or hooded eyes

Glamorous Shorty False Eyelashes review by Lena Talks Beauty

My eyes are semi-hooded, one more so than the other so I chose the shorty lashes. I didn’t want my lashes to be overpowering my eyes, and as you will see later in the post it works well.

Social Eyes Lash Glue

SocialEyes Vegan Lash Glue is a non-toxic, latex free false eyelash adhesive.

Social Eyes Lash Glue review by Lena Talks Beauty

I had previously used Duo lash glue, and found it hard to squeeze from the tube without having any big blobs ruining the lashes. Social Eyes lash glue comes in a bottle with a brush tip that is like a liquid eyeliner. The small brush made it easy to precisely apply the glue to the lash band. The glue dries clear, so no one will notice if you have a bit on your eyelid. When I went to a recent seminar held by Smashbox they said that to really hide your lash band, wear dark eyeliner or eyeshadow on the lashline.

How to apply glue to false eyelashes using social eyes lashes by lena talks beautyHow to apply false eyelashes

Once all of your eye makeup has been applied, except for mascara, it’s eyelash time! Whether to apply lashes with tweezers or your fingers is really down to personal preferences and I make use of both. When applying glue to the lash I use tweezer to hold it, but to actually put the lash on my eye I prefer to hold it with my fingers. Experiment with both, and see what you are more comfortable with.

How to apply false eyelashes using social eyes lashes by lena talks beauty

Another piece of advice I learned at the Smashbox seminar is to wait until the glue is tacky before applying it, as it will stick much better. Give it at least a minute or two before trying to stick it down. Once the lash is on, use eyelash curlers to help the lashes to be grouped with your natural lashes. Apply mascara once your lashes are on, and make use of a lash comb such as this Real Techniques ones to make sure your lashes are clump-free and beautiful.

Lena Talks Beauty wearing Glamorous Shorty Lashes by Social Eyes Lashes

In the photo above you can see that my lash band is a bit wonky, but in the photo below you can’t even notice it. We are always our own harshest critics, so don’t be like me and get upset and cry when getting ready for a wedding because applying lashes is so hard! Everyone else will be too busy noticing your beautifully fluttery lashes to critique the precise application.

Lena Talks Beauty wearing Glamorous Shorty Lashes by Social Eyes Lashes

Social Eyes Lashes range in price from $3.95-8.95 (AUD). There is free shipping for orders over $20. My order arrived fairly quickly and was packaged securely. The prices for the specific items I ordered are as follows:

  • Lash glue $6.50
  • Tease lashes $4.95
  • Glamorous Shorty lashes $6.95

To purchase, visit

How to apply false eyelashes - Lena Talks Beauty teaches you to apply fake eyelashes




  • I have still never worn false lashes! I’m worried that I’ll love them so much I won’t be able to go without them haha. These seem like a really affordable option to try out though!

    • lena

      Haha that’s a possibility but I think the hassle would stop you! Yeah they are quite affordable which is great.