Introducing Skinfood Breast Cream

Today I’m going to be talking about something a little bit different – a new beauty routine that could potentially save your life. The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation (NZBCF) has partnered with Skinfood to create Breast Cream – a product to encourage women to check their breasts as part of their regular beauty routine. It’s a nice nourishing moisturiser, and the idea behind it is that by applying it, women will check their breasts regularly.

Skinfood Breast Cream

I have a pretty extensive beauty routine already, but one part of my body that was being neglected was my boobs! By applying the Breast Cream in the evening, I’ve learned what my breasts normally feel and look like, so that I’ll be aware if there are any changes that I may need to go and see my doctor about. It does feel a bit funny, and I have to say my boyfriend gave me a pretty strange look when he saw me applying it (and then he kindly offered to assist!). But even if you feel silly doing it, you’re moisturising your skin AND looking after your health which is really important.  The packaging is so cute too which makes it look nice on my bedside table.

Skinfood Breast Cream-001

I think that creating the Breast Cream is a really great idea. Despite all of the awareness that has been created about breast cancer, younger women don’t seem to think it’s something that could happen them. Breast cancer affects around 400 women under 40 in New Zealand each year (NZBCF, 2013).  A woman in my family was diagnosed with breast cancer in her twenties, and had to have a mastectomy and chemotherapy. Thankfully it was caught early and treated promptly. Since routine mammograms aren’t used to screen young women, paying attention to your breast health is vital. The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation has a lot of information about the best technique to check your breasts for changes, and I suggest you check it out on their website.

Breast Cream is $11.99 and $2 from every sale goes to the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation. It is available during October in supermarkets, The Warehouse, and can be purchased on Skinfood’s wesbite. October is Breast Cancer Month, so now is the perfect time to start taking an active interest in your breast health, as well as getting out there to support the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation. I’m going to be telling all my friends to get some Breast Cream and start paying more attention to their boobs!

Lena x

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  • Fabulous review Lena! I have also been trying Skinfood’s Breast Cream and think it is a great idea. While you may feel silly initially, I have no doubt that this routine will save lives. Amazing!

    Aimee [] xx

    • It’s such a good idea, that bright pink tube reminds me to use it!

  • Thanks for the review Lena ^^ I may have to grab myself one to try ~

  • Ah, this is quite interesting! thanks for sharing

  • Bless your boyfriend offering to help, wonder why that was?! Haha.
    This is such a good idea though, it’s so important for us ladies to look after our boobs 🙂

    Jess xo

    • He’s very helpful hahah. It is important to check them out!

  • Ellie

    definitely worth taking precautions with regard to breast cancer!

  • What an awesome idea! I think that’s such a great tool to make women examine themselves!

    • It’s something I’ve never thought much about, but having a product on my bedside table reminds me to do it.

  • Hehe love the packaging!

    Frankie x

  • This is such an interesting idea x

  • This is really nice! I never thought that there’s a breast cream. Nice review, btw.

  • Lovely review! I didn’t even know there was cream for boobs. Thanks for sharing! xo’s

    Pink Frenzy

  • This is such a fabulous idea! This sounds really good and love the pink packaging too x

  • Nicol

    ah ive never thought there was a product like this!

  • This is a great idea and I love the pink packaging x

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