Product review: Sinful Colors Nail Polishes

Today I’m going to do a review of a couple of Sinful Colors nail polishes that I purchased recently. It’s a brand that I had seen online, but never seen in person until recently. They were $5.99 each, which is a really good price considering OPI and Orly are around $25-$30 each. The colours are Dancing Nails #835, which is a shimmery red, and Frenzy #922 which is a glittery purple.

Sinful Colors Dancing Nails and Frenzy polishes
Sinful Colors Dancing Nails (left) and Frenzy, (right) polishes

The formula of Dancing Nails was a little bit difficult to work with. I found that it was a bit runny, which meant my manicure looked a bit sloppy, until I got the hang of using much less in my brush. The photos below show that it my application wasn’t amazing but I think in future it’d look better.I wore Dancing Nails on my fingernails for 4 days and then removed it as my friend wanted to use me as a model for her nail tech course. My polish was just starting to show wear on the tips of some of the nails, and I think I easily could have worn it for a week without it chipping. I did use Orly Bonder base coat and Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Top coat, as I always do, and that prolongs wear. I hate chipped nail polish, I always take it off as soon as possible when it happens as I think it looks really unprofessional. I’m planning an article about how I paint my nails to have long lasting manicures soon, so keep an eye out.

dancing nails
Dancing Nails

Frenzy on the other hand was terrible, and I didn’t actually finish painting my toenails with it. The polish was really runny, it just ran right into the cuticles even though my foot was flat on the floor. Despite how it looked in the bottle, on the nail it looked more like a clear polish with glitter in it rather than a solid glittery purple, if that makes sense. I will probably keep this to use over the top of other polishes but I doubt I’ll use it on it’s own again as I have other, far superior glittery purple polishes. I strongly suggest avoiding this polish or others that look similar as it’s pretty much unusable. The picture only shows two nails as I gave up with it after that. It looks like I’m the sloppiest nail painter ever but really it’s just the worst polish ever. Also, my toes look gross that close up – sorry!

Sinful Colors Frenzy

Sinful Colors has a great range of colours, and you can buy them in NZ at Kmart and also some pharmacies – I got these at Life Pharmacy in Takapuna, Auckland. Their website informs me that their polishes are free of formaldehyde, toluene and DBP, if that’s something that’s important to you. Although, Brightest Bulb in the Box says that polishes that do contain those ingredients are generally pretty safe anyway.

My overall conclusion is that glitters from Sinful Colors should probably be avoided, but their other kinds of polishes are worth a try. I’d like to know if any of you have tried them, and what you think – let me know in the comments section.

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  • K

    OK so I basically ransacked KMart for heaps of these, and have so far loved all the ones I got. One creme (Innocent) is the best creme of my life – really pale green and yet opaque in one coat. I’ve had the same experience with no chipping. I found it pretty awesome for novelty polishes, e.g. I got 2 from their range to match my graduating regalia – nerd, I know.
    They wear well, their colours are gorgeous, the formula on the solid colours is pretty swell, and I like the brushes.
    I *did* get some of the glitters, but have only used them as topcoats. I’m particularly stoked with one called Silver Rainbows, which is a cool holographic bar glitter type deal. Haven’t experienced the runniness thing .. yet.

    • I was delighted with the Dancing Nails one, and so cheap too. I might try the purple as a top coat, because I hate admitting when I’ve wasted money, but it was very fail when I tried to put it on my toes. I might look at some of the cremes. They’re $1.99 in the US, of course. But at least it’s only a few dollars more, not $20 more like blimmin OPI.

  • Argh the cost of nailpolish in NZ is one of the scariest things about moving back :p Sinful Colors were one of my first staples when I was starting my polish journey – I find some of them to have drying issues (as in, they don’t ever totally dry, I can still indent my swatches of them now, months later), but their black is an excellent cheap staple 🙂

    • Buy up on beauty products if you can – it is RIDICULOUS here. I rant about it constantly.