Sigma Creme De Couture Macaron Collection

Wednesday, September 3rd 2014 Makeup

Like most beauty-lovers, I knew of Sigma Beauty’s brushes, but I had no idea they sold makeup until I won a giveaway from Catwalk Cult! Kershia sent me the Sigma Creme de Couture Macaron inspired collection, which was a limited edition release consisting of three blushes and a palette with 16 eyeshadows, all inspired by the colours of macarons.

Just got home from Aus to these beauties! Thank you so much @catwalk_cult #makeup #sigma

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I am utterly enamoured with how cute the packaging on all of the products are, the little cardboard boxes look so nice, and they all have cards inside with pictures and names of the colours.

Sigma creme de couture macaron collection Strawberry Ambrosia, Blackberry Essence sand Cherry Apple blushes

Strawberry Ambrosia, Blackberry Essence sand Cherry Apple blushes

To my disappointment, the cuteness of the packaging can’t make up for the poor performance of the products. It took me several swipes to pick up enough pigment to swatch the blushes and even then they are still very light on the skin.

Sigma creme de couture macaron collection blush swatch

I had seen purple blushes online, produced by indie brands so the first one I tried on was Blackberry Essence – although I think it’s more like lavender essence since it’s so pale. It was slightly more obvious before I blended, but even then you can’t really tell that it’s on. I was glad that it didn’t look weird but I’d have preferred it to be more visible

Sigma creme de couture macaron inspire blush blackberry essence

The eyeshadow palette has 16 shadows, and similar to the blushes, they suffer from a lack of pigmentation and staying power despite looking vibrant in the box.

Sigma Creme De Couture macaron eyeshadow palette macaron

I applied some of the shadows and it looked like nothing was even going onto my lids. In a fit of desperation, I remembered that I had recently bought a NYX jumbo eye pencil in the shade Milk, which is constantly mentioned on blogs and forums as being a great base for eyeshadows, especially light coloured ones. The swatches below have the shadows over Milk at the top, and on bare skin below – the ones that are on bare skin look like they are barely even there.

Sigma Apricot Flower and Elderberry swatches

Applying the shadows over NYX Milk did help them to appear more obvious, but some of the white still showed through and the creamy base made it hard to blend. It’s such a shame because the colours are so lovely but they just failed to perform where they needed to!

I’m going to try and make these work, but I’m pretty disappointed in them really. Lots of brands out there could excel at producing a collection like this, including various indie brands, but it seems like Sigma has focused more on the cute packaging and not so much on the performance of their product. It feels a bit ungrateful to be writing this as it was a prize, and I am glad that I had the opportunity to try them but I would have expected better from such a respected company. Maybe there’s a reason why I’d only ever heard of their brushes and not their makeup? I’d be curious to try products from their permanent range, and compare the quality of them, but the blushes are $12 USD plus shipping, and I’m hesitant that they’d be rubbish and I’d have wasted my money.

I really want to know – have any of you tried Sigma’s makeup, and what did you think of it?

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