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Thursday, January 7th 2016 Hair Removal

Remington at home IPL - lena talks beauty

A few months ago, I was offered the opportunity to trial the Remington i-LIGHT Pro+ IPL hair removal device. It uses the same IPL (intense pulsed light) technology that is used in salons, except you can use it in the privacy of your own home. I have previously had IPL done on other body parts in a salon, but for this I was starting afresh on my legs which I’ve only ever shaved. I was excited but also nervous to start using it. Well now after a trial of the machine I can report back on the results, and also what it was like to use it!

Remington ilight pro face and body - lena talks beauty

The Remington® i-LIGHT® Pro+ Face & Body can be used on both the face and body (as you may have figured out from the name) but I chose to use it on my legs. I’ve previously had IPL and laser hair removal on my underarms and bikini area so it was interesting to compare the experience of the at-home product to at a salon. It’s really convenient to be able to do the treatments at home while watching TV, and not having to make appointments which can be a real hassle.

Remington ilight at home ipl machine - lena talks beauty

This is what the machine looks like, it’s quite small and could be easily stored in my bedroom. You can choose different ‘strengths’ of the IPL to use, depending on your pain tolerance. For most of my treatments I was using level 3 out of 5. I could have possibly had it up higher but because I was doing a large area I needed to be able to tolerate the zaps for quite a while. I found the machine easy to use, the instructions that it came with was quite clear and even included troubleshooting information.

Remington at home IPL - lena talks beauty

When I had IPL done in a salon they used a transmitting gel which is like what is used when you get an ultrasound done, and it can be pretty gross – I would always need to come home and shower afterwards. With the Remington i-LIGHT Pro+ I could go about my day afterwards, I didn’t have to shower or wipe off any sticky gel. That would be a particular bonus if you were doing any intimate areas.

To do both my lower legs and knees took me around an hour each time, which is fairly time consuming but it would have taken longer to drive somewhere and have it done there. You need to pay attention so that you don’t miss spots or overlap but you don’t need to focus extremely closely, I did my treatments while watching Survivor.

Remington at home ipl hair removal - lena talks beauty

The biggest downfall of at home IPL for me was the coordination required. Doing the backs of my legs meant I had to twist a bit awkwardly and I’m sure I missed spots. It would be ideal if you had a helpful friend or partner to assist with that. My mum suggested going in halves on the cost of a machine and helping each other, although my willingness to do that would depend on the location where they want their hair removed!!

Remington ilight pro - lena talks beautyNow, here’s the big question: how effective was it? I did three treatments, and definitely noticed a reduction in hairs. Normally within 24 hours after shaving I have stubble, but now they’re smoother for longer. If I had bought the machine I would do some more treatments, since my body hairs are quite thick. Hair growth cycles can last months, so I don’t think I fully have experienced the full effects yet. Some hairs will be yet to shed and cease growing, so I will have to see what happens over the coming weeks.

Costs is another big question that I’m sure people will be wanting to know – the Remington i-LIGHT Pro+ Face & Body has an RRP of $899.99 in New Zealand. According to my research, 1 treatment on the lower legs of IPL would be at least $100. You would need to to 9 treatments to get your money’s worth, and even fewer if you are doing multiple body areas. If you were to do legs, underarms, and bikini line you’d really be getting your money’s worth. It is a lot to outlay at once but I think that it would likely be a worthwhile investment. You can purchase it from electronics retailers such as Harvey Norman, and Shaver Shop

Thanks Remington for letting me trial and review this machine! Do any of you think you’ll be looking into buying it? Leave me any comments and questions you have down below.

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