Pretty Glittery Polishes from Peacock Pie

Thursday, July 10th 2014 Nails

Today I’m going to reviewing two nails polishes that I was lucky enough to win from the gorgeous NZ indie nail polish company Peacock Pie through a giveaway. I got them about a month ago but I had my gel manicure on for so long that I didn’t have a chance to use them until recently – spoiler alert: I LOVE them!

Left is Zozo,right is Wing it

Left is Zozo,right is Wing it


First up is Zozo – it’s a gorgeous pink ‘crelly’ (creme-jelly) with blue and purple glitter that I think is just the cutest thing ever. Lani said it reminded her of icing for biscuits and I think that’s a perfect analogy, it reminds me of hundreds and thousands biscuits. Can you see the resemblance?

hundreds and thousands

I’m not that used to using polishes with such chunky glitter so it took a little bit of getting used to how to apply it so that there was a relatively even distribution of glitter, but in the end it looked great. I found that both polishes were nearly one coat-ers, but I went with two so that they were fully opaque. I’ll show you one, and two coats (+ a top coat of Sally Hansen insta-dri) for the comparison.

Zozo with only one coat!

Peacock Pie Zozo, two coats and top coat

Next up I wore Wing It, which is a similar crelly formula to Zozo but is purpley blue with blue and gold glitter. Wing it applied just as easily as Zozo did, and looked perfect in two coats. Since it was my second time around I think I applied it in a way which made the glitter much more even.Wing It on my nails, 2 coats + top coatBoth polishes easily lasted a week on my nails which was excellent, I’m not the kind of person who can be bothered changing their manicure every couple of days and also I hate going around with chipped polish. Removal required a bit of blood, sweat and tears (acetone) – I ended up using this scrubby pot of acetone remover that I got to remove false nails with and it worked a charm. I think they sell them at most chemists and also at Farmers too. All glitter polishes are a challenge, so don’t take that as the brand’s fault!I was really impressed with these polishes, and am eagerly eyeing up the Etsy store – I love the Orange is the New Black collection! These polishes only ship within New Zealand, but Serra also makes incredible nail polish jewellery which does ship worldwide, so if you’re overseas you can still get yourself a piece of the Peacock Pie. They sell for $10 for a 10ml bottle which is an excellent bargain considering how much other brands charge, and that these are cruelty free and handmade.Check out Peacock Pie on Etsy, on Serra’s blog, Instagram, and Facebook I’ll be posting more Peacock Pie polishes before long I’m sure!Lena x




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