Physiogel Skincare Review

Physiogel Skincare have recently released two ranges of products which have been formulated to relieve dry sensitive skin – the Daily Moisture Therapy range, and the Calming Relief range. I do suffer from dry and sensitive skin, so when I was contacted by Physiogel and asked if I’d like to review them, I was excited by this opportunity. Firstly so that I could try to combat these skin issues, but also so I could help readers out by sharing a review of how it worked for me. As someone with dry sensitive skin, people love to try and suggest products to use, but recommendations are hard to believe unless they actually have the same problems. Hopefully this review will be helpful for any of you who suffers from these problems too.

Physiogel daily moisture therapy body wash, calming relief cream and daily moisture therapy lotion

First, some background information about Physiogel – it is produced by Stiefel Laboratories who have been developing skincare products and technologies for 165 years, so they have a long history of understanding dermatology and skin science. Physiogel products contain ‘BioMimic Technology’ which closely matches the natural lipid layer of the skin and help to repair the skin repair, and retain moisture. It is advertised as being hypoallergenic, which sounds good, although it actually isn’t a regulated term and personally I consider it marketing more than anything. It says its free of preservatives, which may appeal to people who are into ~natural~ products but was cause for alarm for me – I don’t want my products going off! However, it’s my understanding that most of these products do have natural preservatives which is good. I do like that they’re fragrance free as even natural fragrance is often irritating to people with sensitive skin.

Daily Moisture Therapy Body Wash 150ml – RRP $11.99
I usually look for moisturising shower products, and this one definitely fits the brief. It’s soap free, and I found it to be a very creamy body wash. It left my skin feeling clean, but not the uncomfortably ‘squeaky clean’ which I’ve experienced with so many other products. With the weather being warmer the skin on my body has been less dry, so I’m not sure if I would spend this amount of money on a body wash, but if the skin on your body really suffers I would recommend buying it.

Physiogel daily moisture therapy body wash

Calming Relief Cream 100ml – RRP $19.99
My hands are the area of my body which most experiences dryness and eczema. Whilst I can use steroid creams to treat that, I prefer not to do so unless neccessary, so over the last few weeks I’ve been applying Physiogel Calming Relief cream to my hands at night. One thing I love about it is that it is very moisturising without being at all greasy – I hate it if a cream takes ages to absorb and leave my hands feeling slimy. That’s one way to ensure that I won’t keep using something. The cream contains lipids which repair the moisture barrier and protects your skin from external irritants – this is important as my hands come across a lot of irritants like drying handsoaps and all sorts of other things during the day. This is definitely my favourite product that I’ve tried from the Physiogel range.

Physiogel calming relief cream

Daily Moisture Therapy Lotion 200ml – RRP $19.99
After I shave my legs, they often can be dry and a pretty itchy. Usually for me it’s a matter of just gritting and bearing it, but since I had the Daily Moisture Therapy Lotion I decided to apply it after I shaved my legs the other day. It had all the qualities I like in a body lotion – moisturising, absorbs quickly, and isn’t greasy. I found that it definitely reduced the itchyness afterwards, which was very much appreciated. I particularly liked being able to get dressed or get into bed quickly rather than having to stand around and get cold.

Physiogel daily moisture therapy lotion

I am so happy to have had the opportunity to use these products from Physiogel. Whilst they might not be the most interesting looking or exciting products they are definitely effective for my skin. I’d be pretty keen for them to bring out some dedicated facial products. I used the lotion on my face but I wasn’t game enough to use a body wash on my face.

Physiogel Skincare is available in New Zealand at Life, Unichem and other pharmacies. For more information, you can go to Outside New Zealand, you can visit for information relevant for your location.

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