Overnight essentials

Being a single 24 year old who loves a good night out, I sometimes find myself unexpectedly staying the night somewhere, and so I need to have some essentials with me for those nights. If I’m going to be sleeping on a couch or something, the least I need is a well stocked handbag. I generally carry around a lot of beauty
products anyway, so some of them aren’t additional, but I’m going to list them all because they come in handy so often.

overnight handbag essentials

These are my bare minimum beauty essentials for an unexpected overnight stay:

  • A mini pack of makeup remover wipes. I intend to use these at night, but let’s be realistic, these are more likely going to be used in the morning.
  • Sample size facial cleanser and moisturiser – having a fresh face makes me feel so much less gross or hungover, and ready to face the day! Currently these are ZA True White Cleansing Foam and Neutrogena HydroBoost.
  • Mini deodorant and perfume – I have a mini deodorant from Kmart (great for travel size items) as well as a perfume sample to freshen up a bit. The perfume sample I’m using at the moment is Nicki Minaj – Minajesty.
  • Hairbrush and hair tie – a bun is the ideal way to deal with a bad case of bed head.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste – again, making use of samples, in this case from my dentist. Alternatively, gum/mints but that’s really not quite the same.
  • Lip balm, hand sanitiser – both are everyday handbag essentials for me, but it bears repeating anyway.
Overnight essentials
They’re all contained in this makeup bag

Now this next item is less for if I’m crashing after a party, and more like if a date goes particularly well! Condoms – total essential for both contraception and STI prevention. My motto is better have them and not need them, and need them and not have them. Also, if you take the pill in the morning, bring that with you, as well as any other regular medications you might be on.

Some other items which I probably would include, but I wouldn’t prioritise packing are some makeup, and dry shampoo. Pictured below is a mini Batiste dry shampoo, as well as a nice neutral lipstick from Collection NZ, an Essence pressed powder, and my trusty EcoTools kabuki brush.

makeup essentials

There are a multitude of other things that could be included in this, like spare underwear, foldable ballet flats, phone charger – I actually have a portable charger I always have with me, sunglasses (ditto), but my handbag already weighs a ton so I have to draw the line somewhere!

Do you have supplies like these? Do you think I’m ridiculously over-prepared, or do you think I’ve missed something essential? I’d love your comments!lena


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  • LOVE IT! Actually said out loud “Oh I love that you’ve got condoms in there” HAHA

  • I love your organization, and agree with pretty much everything you included! I still haven’t tried dry shampoo though, literally the last person to give it a go haha. Great post xx

  • Oh yeah oh yeah, condoms FTW! I mean, not that I carry them because I’m practically an old married lady with no unexpected overnight stays on my horizon, but maybe I need to start doing so — like the Secret, manifesting the things I want etc (I’m only half joking, I hate the Secret).

    • Hahaha yeah they’re a new addition to my bag after years as an old practically married lady. I’ve watched the secret DVD and it was the worst, mum bribed me haha. I’m very responsible (mostly).

  • Far from thinking that you’re over-prepared, I am in TOTAL ADMIRATION of your organisation! Few things are worse after a sensational night out than waking up somewhere you hadn’t intended to (ahem) and realising that your perfectly made-up face from the evening prior is now a disaster piece… and you have absolutely nothing on hand to salvage it. (Note to self, for the future: prepare some overnight essentials!)

    • YES that is a catastrophe, looking like a mess really makes me feel like a mess. If I can make myself look relatively decent then I feel much better. I remember once sleeping at a friend’s place after a party and having to go out the next day and being able to wash my face and dry shampoo my hair made me feel much more alive. I even can pack this down to fit into one of my more ‘bar’ handbags rather than my everyday ‘suitcase’ haha.

  • this was me 10years ago – now I yearn for spontaneity hahaha – Such a good post lena!