Outtakes: take 2

A few months ago I published a post that was a collection of outtakes of my photo shoots for blog photos. That was well received so I’ve decided to do another one! A lot of these are due to my brother – he often acts as my photographer when I can’t be bothered getting out the tripod and often he is quite naughty. He will snap away when I am NOT ready, and when I look at the photos afterwards I always laugh out loud. I hope you have a giggle at these, and I’ll also link to the posts which contain decent photos!

mac holiday lipstick

I did not authorise this photo being taken. I don’t even know why I was making that horrible face! I just wanted him to take photos of some arm swatches for a post about the MAC Enchanted Eve Cool Face Palette* and this got snapped! The lipstick I’m wearing is also from the MAC Holiday collection this year and it is  Evening Rendezvous lipstick from the Magic of the Night collection. You can read more about all the MAC Holiday collections for 2015 in my post here – I promise there are no terrible photos of me on it.


This is my attempt at trying to look sexy or pouty, and I think it just makes me look ridiculous. It is from my post about red lipsticks from Zoeva and Luscious*, the photos that I ended up posting are actually really nice, unlike this one. I took these photos myself so we can’t blame anyone else, unfortunately.

Bourjois outtake

This unauthorised photo of me fixing my hair looks kind of glamouourus…but the next one…ohhhh boy.

Bourjois makeup of the day

Exposing my armpits, and giving myself a double chin. How attractive. What a great way to promote makeup! I suppose it does show how well my laser hair removal has worked?

If you’d like to know more about the makeup I’m wearing here, it’s all from Bourjois * and you can read all about it in this post.

Kim Kardashian gold perfume

This isn’t technically an outtake because I did end up posting it on my blog, but it probably should have been an outtake. The perils of reflective packaging, this photo shows me in my pajamas. I suppose is gives an accurate picture of life as a blogger, taking photos of cosmetics on my living room floor in my pajamas. I was undoubtedly playing pop music and drinking copious quantities of coffee too. This photo is from my post about my favourite perfumes.

Ulta3 Nail polish

Last but not least, an outtake that features the rascal who created most of these photos. I was trying to take a photo of my nails and guess who photo bombs? My brother! These nail polishes are all from Ulta3* and you can read a full post about them here

I hope you enjoyed these and had a bit of a laugh, I certainly did! I’m not ungrateful to him for taking these terrible photos since I appreciate his help but man he takes some shockers! Merry Christmas to those of you who are celebrating tomorrow.

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*Product provided for review