Karen Murrell Orchid Bloom and Lavender Laughter Lipsticks

Karen Murrell Orchid Bloom & Lavender Laughter

Orchid Bloom and Lavender Laughter are two of the latest lipsticks from Karen Murrell that I have kindly been sent as PR samples. Orchid Bloom is a warm brown with a touch of pink and Lavender Laughter is a soft pastel lavender. Both of these lipsticks are lovely shades that are very suitable for day to day wear, and I’ll be showing them both in this post.

Orchid Bloom

“Karen Murrell Lipstick in Orchid Bloom will warm the darkest day with its mysterious yet alluring colour which combines subtle tones of warm coffee brown with a dash of lip-warming blush pink”

As much as I love a nice bold lipstick, for work I tend to stick to neutrals which is where Orchid Bloom comes in. This baby has been living in my handbag ever since I was sent it 5 weeks ago (as you may have seen on my Instagram @lenatalksbeauty).

Karen Murrell Orchid Bloom Lipstick

Karen Murrell lipsticks all come in pretty boxes with illustrations on them. It’s these little touches that make me like them so much. The texture is creamy yet reasonably long lasting, I don’t feel like I need to touch up my lipstick every 5 minutes when I’m working or socialising. The colour is very pretty, since it’s brown with a touch of pink it’s flattering to my skin tone.

Here I am wearing Orchid Bloom the other weekend. I tried to take some lip swatch photos but up close my lips looked all dry and gross so you will have to settle for this. Sometimes being a beauty blogger isn’t as glamorous as I would like. That’s especially true considering I only have weekend days to take photos.

Karen Murrell Orchid Bloom Lipstick - Lena Talks Beauty

Lavender Laughter

“Its soft pastel lavender/blush-like shade flatters most complexions with an enlivening dash of sophisticated colour perfect for everyday wear.”

Lavender Laughter was launched in 2014 in Karen Murrell’s first lipstick collection, which shows that it has stayed the course. It is a little bit pinker than I would think of lavender, but I suppose that makes it more wearable in every day life. It is supposed to suit most complexions, but it doesn’t actually look amazing on me. I think that might be because my natural lip colour is quite strong so it struggles to cover it. My stepbrother’s partner loves it and wears it all the time, and I’ve had other friends say that to me too. It’s rare for me to write about something that I don’t actually use all the time, but I wanted to include it since I know it looks amazing on others.

Karen Murrell Lavender Laughter Lipstick

Swatches are always helpful when choosing products to buy – Orchid Bloom is at the top, and Lavender Laughter is at the bottom.


Karen Murrell Orchid Bloom and Lavender Laughter

Karen Murrell lipsticks sell for $30 in New Zealand which I would consider to be a reasonable price for the high quality of these lipsticks. Karen Murrell Lipsticks are available at selected pharmacies and health food stores in New Zealand and Australia. For more information or to shop online with worldwide shipping. visit KarenMurrell.com

I’ve written a number of posts about Karen Murrell lipsticks before, you can view them all by visiting the Karen Murrell tag in my blog archives. Have you tried any lipsticks by Karen Murrell? Let me know in the comment section below!

Karen Murrell Natural Lipsticks - Orchid Bloom and Lavender Laughter. Review and swatches by Lena Talks Beauty
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