NYX Love in Paris 02 Madeleines and Macaroons

NYX Lip 02 Madeleines and Macaroons palette closed

Lucky me – I won another baking-themed palette! This is the NYX Love In Paris 02 – Madeleines and Macaroons palette which I won in a competition on Beauty Bliss’s Facebook Page. I’ve swatched them all and will also be showing how it looks on my face!

NYX Love in Paris 02 Madeleines and Macaroons

NYX Love in Paris 02 – Madeleines and Macaroons palette is a small palette in a sturdy plastic casing with 9 different shadows – shimmery and matte nudes, beiges and pink. It comes with a standard double ended foam applicator which is good in a pinch but I prefer to use brushes. I swatched them all, so let’s have a look. They go from top left along and down each of the three row – the shades don’t have names.

NYX Love in Paris 02 Madeleines and Macrons Swatch 1

I really like these shades, the gold and shimmery brown especially. The pink is slightly chalky but I think it would blend well with other colours.

NYX Love in Paris 02 Madeleines and Macroons Swatches 2This section has two different highlighter shades – one shimmer, and one matte. Both would be good for the outer eye or brow bone.

I wore some of the brown shadows in the look below, including the matte brown on a wet brush as an eyeliner. I couldn’t capture it very well in the not-great lighting, but the shimmer from the left of the above swatch was along my brow bone and looked really nice. On a side note, isn’t it strange how on one eye you can see more of the lid than the other?

NYX madeleines and macrons palette

NYX Macaroons and Madelines palette on eyes
Using some on the brown shades on my eyes.

The lipstick above is Karen Murrell Coral Dawn*, by the way – It’s a beauty.

The shadows didn’t wear terrrrrribly well over the course of the night but they weren’t too bad, and it would be better over primer. I just wore it without because I wanted to see how well they lasted on their own. I think this is a pretty good little palette, a nice variety of shades, and it would travel well because it has a secure closure. NYX doesn’t test on animals but they are now owned by L’Oreal so that may be a concern for some cruelty-free shoppers.

NYX Love in Paris 02 – Madeleines and Macaroons palette is available on Beauty Bliss for $18. I think this is a really good price considering you get nearly twice as much shadow as you do for similarly priced quads from other brands. To purchase, go to BeautyBliss.co.nz

Lena x

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  • Your eyes are gorgeous Lena !

  • very nice color selection in this palette! I need to try more NYX products!

    • I think so – you could do a few different looks with it quite easily. I really like NYX..

  • I have been wanting to try some NYX products! I may have to give them a go!

    • I really recommend them, everything I’ve tried from there has been lovely.

  • Kel

    I love it for the name alone! 🙂

  • There is a nice selection of shades on the palette which is nice x

  • I liked the palette a lot, I have one smokey kit from nyx in purple. 🙂

  • The gold shade in your first set of swatches looks beautiful! I’ve never tried any NYX products but this looks like a lovely palette 🙂

    Jess xo

    • I really recommend NYX!

  • Lucky you! I have this and love it x

    • I feel so lucky, I keep winning things lately!

  • This palette is gorgeous, NYX has only recently arrived in South Africa, so I may have to treat myself.