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Friday, October 16th 2015 Skincare

Nove Microfibre makeup removal cloth - Lena Talks Beauty

I am an endlessly curious person, and I can’t resist buying novel products. Recently I was buying the Mindfulness Colouring Book from Mighty Ape, and had a poke around in their beauty section as well. I discovered the Nove Make Up Removal Cloth and since it was only $2.99 I decided to pop it in my cart. It’s a microfibre cloth which claimed to remove makeup with only water, no cleansers or other products. I was skeptical but I also was like ‘this would be good for the blog’. My Nove cloth arrived pretty quickly, and I put it to the test – and now I’m sharing the results of that test.

Nove Microfibre makeup removal cloth - Lena Talks Beauty

Here is what the Nove Make Up Removal Cloth says about itself

“This microfibre Make Up Cloth delicately exfoliates your skin and effectively removes make up, leaving it feeling fresh and renewed. Microfibre eliminates the need for soaps or cleansers, giving a naturally better clean that enhances your beauty, naturally. The tiny fibres that make up microfibre have the amazing ability to absorb oils and dirt, remove make up residue and reduce up to 99% of bacteria, all with just warm water – giving a naturally better clean. Our cloths are durable and sustainable and machine washable.”

I’m sure you’re scoffing at this, and I definitely was too. But also, I am nothing if not hopeful, so I tried it! I was pretty impressed at how well it worked, although it wasn’t quite perfect. There was no way I would have just gone to bed without further makeup removal. but it was better than most makeup removal wipes. I did really try to get all of my eye makeup off but I felt like I had to scrub my eyes too much with it so I gave up on that idea since I didn’t want to pull my lashes out. I had to use my Garnier Micellar water to get the last of my eye makeup off.

Nove makeup removal cloth

So much makeup!

To clean the cloth you just put it in the wash like you would with a normal face cloth. Since it’s microfibre it dries quickly, unlike a normal face cloth which can sit around damp while waiting to be washed which can be a bit gross.

My final thoughts on the Nove Make Up Removal Cloth: I’ll keep using it! I think it’ll especially be useful if I’m not wearing a lot of makeup, like more of a BB cream and lipstick type day. I’m also wondering if a normal microfibre cloth like the one I have from Mitre 10 ( a hardware store) to clean my laptop screen would work the same. I’ve also heard of the Makeup Eraser cloth and it seems to be also made of microfiber but that’s $16 US on Amazon. I’m not sure how they justify that other than fame/hype.

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  • I saw one of these (or one similar) on Sephora for $20usd.. which sounded a bit pricey for me. Really liked reading your experience, and now i want to know what the difference is between this, and a mitre 10 one haha

    • That’s ridiculous!! Haha I shall give the Mitte 10 one a wash and try it and report back to you. I’ve also tried using this as well as a cleanser and it works well.

  • $2.99 is a bargain 🙂 I agree re flannels. I always have so many in the wash because I use a fresh one every day, so this could be a great alternative. It actually looks like a cloth I bought in a set for different cleaning (eg glass/stainless steel/kitchen) This one looks like the dust cloth so maybe I could wash it and try it on my face haha!

  • OK, now I want to go to Mitre 10 and buy one of those microfibre cloths to see if it works!

    • Do it and report back!!

      • OK, so I went to Bunnings and bought a microfibre cloth for $1.49 and have road tested it. It’s amazing!!! It takes everything off, is really soft and so easy to clean and dries quickly 🙂 I recommend!

        • Good score!! I have been putting off going there for a plug for aaaages but I will have to go soon.

  • Wow, for that price I’ll defintely pop one in my next Mighty Ape order! Worth a go.


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