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Thursday, November 26th 2015 Skincare

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Mask - Lena Talks Beauty

Sheet masks have long been popular in Asian skincare, but they’ve now made their way into Western skincare brands which I am very excited about. What is a sheet mask? A sheet mask is a thin sheet of cotton which is soaked in a liquid toner, serum, or essence. They have a variety of different purposes, but the type I like to use the most are moisturising. The new Neutrogena Hydro Boost Mask* fits into that category, as it uses Hyaluronic Acid which adds a lot of moisture to the skin.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Mask - Lena Talks Beauty

I have been in love with the Hydro Boost range for almost a year now, I use the Neutrogena Hydro Boost¬†Water Gel SPF 15 every day. Hyaluronic Acid is the key ingredient for the range, and it works by attracting up to 1000 times it’s weight in water. For a more thorough explanation, Morgan wrote a good explanation when she reviewed some of the products from the original Hydro Boost range.

TO USE: After washing your face, remove the mask from the packaging and apply to your face. I start by centering it over my eyes and mouth, then spreading outwards. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes, and then remove it. There is no need to rinse off the remaining mask hydrating essence, simply pat it into your skin. I like to rub it down towards my neck as it misses out – hey that’s a good idea idea, face and neck masks. You’re welcome skincare companies.

Wearing a sheet mask does look quite strange, and my brother got quite a fright when he walked into the living room and saw me wearing it, but it feels so nice!

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Sheet Mask - Lena Talks Beauty

I use sheet masks once a week, usually on a Sunday evening but you can do them more often if you wish. The Neutrogena Hydro Boost Mask has six times more Hyaluronic Acid that one application of the Hydro Boost Serum, so it’s basically a week’s worth of skincare in one go. I sometimes do them to kind of apologise to my skin if I do naughty things like sleep in my makeup, or go swimming in chlorine which is awful on my face.

My only real criticism of this product is the price – it’s $25 for 5 masks, so $5 per mask.¬†The Water Gel SPF 15 that I wear daily is the same price, and it lasts me months. Most Asian sheet masks are $1-2 each. I also think having them in a pack of 5 makes people a bit less willing to try them since you have to drop $25 as opposed to picking up one for a couple of dollars.

Do you think you’ll be buying the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Masks? Have you tried anything from the range?

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  • I tried mine on this week and it felt really good. Bummer on the price though! $25!!!!!

    • I would buy them on special or if I had a farmers/supermarket voucher I think but $5 each just feels like a lot!

  • Oooh, interesting. I’m not a huge fan of western masks, as I can find ones that do the same thing (often better) for a much cheaper price. I saw an unboxing of Glossybox the other day and the mask in there was $8USD (for one) which is ridiculous!
    On the topic of neck masks, they exist in Asian masks – I don’t really like them so happy to send you a couple of mine if you wanted to give them a go!

    • Oh cool! Yes that would be awesome just for the novelty of it!!!

    • I haven’t heard of neck masks before! I cracked up when I heard about “genital masks” or whatever they’re called. They come in guys and girls variants and you put them on your vagina/penis, lol.

  • I got one of these last year when they were a gwp and I’m not a huge mask person, but wow, it was SO hydrating! My skin felt amazing, really moist for ages afterwards

  • Dianne Childs

    I’m so keen to try a sheet mask. $25 is quite expensive for masks, but at least you get more than one. Not as dear as the SK-II ones!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

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