NARS Albatross Highlighting Blush

I had been wanting to buy a highlighting powder for a while, but was pretty confused by all of the options. On my recent trip to Australia, I went in to Mecca Maxima and was helped by a lovely sales assistant, and she said that the NARS Albatross Highlighting Blush would be perfect for me – and she was so right! When applied to the top of my cheekbones, this is just stunning, and I absolutely had to have it.

NARS Albatross highlighter.13

NARS packaging is classic and elegant – it reminds me of the ELF packaging, but I’m pretttty sure it’s that ELF has been inspired by NARS, rather than the other way around. If I had a multitude of NARS blushes (I don’t) then I think having a window to tell the different ones apart would be handy so you didn’t have to read all of the labels. The mirror isn’t particularly useful to me as I do my makeup sitting in front of a mirror, but I can see it might be useful for other people.

NARS albatross highlighter.33

Albatross has a sheer golden sheen, and I think it is particularly suited for people with cooler skin tones like me – I wear NW20 in MAC foundations. When Temptalia reviewed it, she found that it didn’t really work for her warm, NC25-30 toned skin. I like that it’s not too shimmery since I don’t want to look like a disco ball, just like glowy version of my normal self.

NARS Albatross swatches
Left, blended out and right, swatched heavily

To apply it, I use the Real Techniques Setting Brush which was suggested by a multitude of people on twitter – available from iHerb. I mainly have been brushing it lightly along my cheekbones, slightly above where I wear my blush.


NARS Albatross and Real Techniques Setting Brush


I wore it to an event and I loved the subtle glow it gave me. If I was going out at night I would use a heavier hand but for a lunch event I think this was just the right kind of sheen on my skin.


NARS Albatross Blush on face NARS Albatross Blush on face

NARS Albatross Highlighting Blush is $46 NZD at Mecca Cosmetica NZ, $39 AUD at Mecca Australia and $30 USD at Sephora USA. I have ordered from Sephora and before and used YouShop to get my parcel to NZ but I’ve heard it’s quite hit and miss whether Sephora will ship to the YouShop warehouse. It is more expensive than I typically would want to spend on a product but it’s SO pretty, and I think it will last me a while so I think it was worthwhile spending the money.

lena x