Nailed it NZ Nail Tool Essentials Kit Review

Wednesday, April 19th 2017 Nails

Nailed it NZ Nail art brushes review by Lena Talk Beauty

My friend Jessie from Nailed it NZ has released her own line of nail art brushes, and sent me the Nailed it NZ Nail Tool Essentials Kit! Jessie is a trained nail technician, and has been producing nail art videos on YouTube for several years now. She created this line of nail art brushes to enable people to create their best nail art, and I wanted to put this to the test. I am not at all what you would call a nail artist, but I’ve watched enough of Jessie’s videos to feel confident putting the Nailed it NZ brushes to the test.

If you’re a regular around here, you might know that I never have naked nails. I usually paint them every week, and I’ve dabbled on and off in nail art for what seems like forever. One of my favourite things to do as a kid was pull out my mum’s box of nail polishes and create various works of ‘art’ on my nails. My enthusiasm far outweighs my skill, but I’ve continued nonetheless. Over the years my tools changed from cellotape and toothpicks to striping tape and a set of brushes from ebay. I was never fully satisfied with that set though, as most of them I never used, and some of them were pretty terrible. The good thing about the Nailed it NZ Nail Tool Essentials Kit is that it’s just exactly what you need – nothing more, nothing less. Here’s what you get:

Nailed it NZ Nail Tool Essentials Kit

  • Detail brush – Nicknamed “The Goddess” by customers for it’s versatility, this brush is thin and precise, and can be used for just about any nail art design.
  • Striping brush – Horizontal, vertical, diagonal – designed for lines of all sorts, this brush has longer bristles, allowing an easier and more even application.
  • Clean up brush – This angled brush allows you to get a smooth, clean finish every time, prolonging the life of your manicure. It’s also great for creating and refining french tips.
  • Dotting tool – This double-ended tool allows you to create regular-shaped dots in your nail art.
Nailed it NZ Nail Tool Essentials Kit

Top to bottom: Detail brush, striping brush, clean up brush, dotting tool

I decided to put all four tools to the test, and did some nail art on myself. As much as I like getting my nails done, one of my favourite things is to put on a show (Girls, in this case), set myself up, and do my nails.

Nailed it NZ Nail art brush review by Lena Talks Beauty

The polishes that I used for this are Orly basket case (dark pink) and Orly grand dame (light). I also made use of the Zoya Color Lock system* (base coat, top coat, quick dry drops).

Nailed it NZ Nail art brush review blog post by Lena Talks Beauty

On the top nail (my index) I used the striping tool. Despite seeing many tutorials from Jessie and other nail artists that I follow, I had never used a striping brush before. My lines were not really the straightest and smoothest but it’s probably better than I would have done freehand or with any of my other thicker brushes. On my middle finger I used the fatter end of the dotting tool, and on my pinky I used the smaller end. For my ring finger I used the detail brush – I really couldn’t think of what to do so I just did this random triangle.

Nailed it NZ Nail art brush review

I used the detail brush to do that heart on my thumb. I was quite proud of it, so I attempted it on my right hand which was a lot harder. It was so bad that I just painted over it with the dark pink because I was so embarrassed. Once the art was done, I used the clean up brush around my edges. I’ve used the clean up brush for every manicure I’ve done in the last month or so, and it makes them look so much more polished.

The Nailed it NZ Nail Tool Essentials Kit sells for $18 NZD but you can save 10% off your order by using the code BLOGGER.  You can buy the brushes individually as well as in other combinations of brushes to suit your needs. To purchase, visit the Nailed it NZ online store.

Thanks Jessie for sending these to me! I hope I’ve shown you all that a normal person can do nail art. I’m going to persevere, maybe I’ll even be able to get straight stripes next time. If you want some more inspiration, visit Jessie’s Youtube – she has tutorials to show how to use all of the brushes in her set.

Nailed it NZ Nail Tool Essential Kit Review by Lena Talks Beauty




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