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Friday, September 25th 2015 Makeup

Acrylic Lipstick Storage - Lena Talks Beauty

I have been meaning to write a blog post about my makeup storage for like a year, but usually it’s far too messy for me to want to take photos of. However, I finally got around to cleaning it so I can actually show you! I can’t promise my desk actually still look like that but I’ve been really trying to keep it organised. My collection is pretty large, especially considering only a couple of years ago all of my makeup fitted into a normal makeup bag. Now, I have a makeup table and a lot of drawers full of products. The home of all of this is a desk that my former partner built me to fit in a specific spot in my bedroom, after we couldn’t find anything to suit it at shops. The desk doesn’t have any drawers, it’s a pretty basic table, but I have added to it with my own storage. This post is quite picture heavy but hopefully you’ll find it interesting and get some ideas for your own makeup storage or beauty areas in your home.

My makeup storage - Lena Talks Beauty

My makeup table

You can see my makeup table above. Out of the frame, to the left, I also have drawers on a trolley, and we’ll get to that later in this post. I like to be able to have a lot of things easily accessible, but it is annoying in that dust can gather. I have a few things out, such as my Smashbox On The Rocks Palette, my MAC Haute Dogs quad, my Billion Dollar Brows Mad About Brows palette and a Clinique Pressed Powder. These change, and it really varies depending on what I’ve been using a lot lately. My makeup area also features a poster from the MAC is Beauty collection as well as a delightful hot guy calendar that one of my friends bought me.

Lipstick is probably the main thing that you see when you look at my desk – I have nearly 100 of them, which I’m aware is totally ridiculous. I have three acrylic lipstick holders which I bought quite cheaply on ebay but they’re totally full. The overflow is in the green box behind that, along with some of my palettes. Behind the lipstick storage to the left you can just see my One Direction perfume box peaking out – I have my perfumes there so that they’re out of the sunlight as much as possible.

Acrylic Lipstick Storage - Lena Talks Beauty

On the left side of my desk, there’s a photo of my mum and in a BFFs photo frame – she gave it to me a few years ago and I just think it’s so cute. I was about 13 in that photo, and we had bought that outfit especially because I was going on my first date, ice skating! The flower sticking out behind it is in a container where I have all my sample sachets and tubes. I seem to accumulate these so easily and I really need to use them up more. Large bottle like hairspray and body lotion are tucked away in that far corner behind my mirror. The mirror gets moved around my desk depending on the light and what I’m doing. It’s magnified on one side but I only use that to pluck my eyebrows, otherwise it’s bad for my self esteem haha.

Makeup brush storage and makeup storage - Lena Talks Beauty

I keep brushes, as well as products like lipgloss, liquid lipstick, lip liner, mascara and that sort of thing in pen pots which I bought from the Warehouse. I also have a matching rubbish bin, and I wish I had more coordinating accessories but that range seemed to sell out quickly. The small glass container was a candle, and I store mini lipglosses and other products like that. On top of that at the moment I have my Real Technique Sponge.

The majority of my skincare is in my bathroom or on my bedside table, but I keep out my Lush lip scrub, Neutrogena daily moisturiser and my Clinique Revitalizing night cream since they are so frequently used.

Now, onto the drawers. I bought these from The Warehouse, but you can get similar at places like Storage Box or whatever storage/plastic oriented shops you have where you live. The labels are from a brief phase where I got over zealous with a label maker I borrowed from my former partner’s mum – I labelled basically everything except the people in our house.

Makeup Storage Drawers - Lena Talks Beauty

Let’s start at the bottom – eye makeup! I bought the containers inside it from Daiso but like everything in this post, I’m sure you can find something similar in many other stores. The one on the left is for cream eyeshadows and gel eyeliners, and the right is for loose eyeshadows…ostensibly. I’m not terribly successful at maintaining this order. At the back of the drawer is things like false eyelashes that I rarely wear, and a few eyeshadow quad/trios etc that I haven’t quite got around to depotting into my Z palette.

Makeup Storage Drawer Organisers - Lena Talks Beauty

The next drawer up is all my face/base products like foundations, blushes, highlighters as well as miscellaneous things such as powder puffs and tweezers. I really should get around to creating some sort of order but I have other things to do, like watch The Office or write this blog.

Makeup Storage - Lena Talks Beauty

This is just chaos

Next up is kind of skincare and kind of misc. Here we have things like face masks, bath salts, deodorant, sunscreen, and also a ribbon?! As I’m making my way through this post I’m realising how disorganised these drawers are but I still manage to find everything…mostly.

Inside my makeup drawers - Lena Talks Beauty

Misc skincare and more chaos

The top and final drawer is for haircare! Of course shampoo and the like is in my shower, but here is where I keep products such as my OGX B5 Oil Mist, hairbrushes, and dry shampoo.

My haircare drawer - Lena Talks Beauty


Phew, we made it to the end! Although that didn’t cover most of my skincare, or all of my nail polishes, I hope it was interesting. I’m very nosy and I always enjoy looking at people’s beauty storage posts or videos, or even looking around their room (with their permission of course!).

Do you have any makeup storage tips for me? I’m all ears!

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  • It is so hard to keep my makeup storage or dresser organised. Every time I do my makeup it turns into a mess so it’s a never ending cycle of organising then a week later it’s chaos again. I love those lipstick holders from ebay. I have three as well but I saw them in a dollar store at Glenfield mall for $3 which is pretty good.

    • I totally feel you! It’s not this tidy at the moment, I have a pile of dirty brushes on it.

  • I love the little jars you are keeping your brushes in! So cute. I have hardly any makeup to store, but my skincare is out of control! It is all labelled too, coz labels are the bomb.

    • I want to get more stuff in that same design/style but I keep only finding it in black which does not match. My skincare is not labelled, and it is much more strewn about because I seem to apply it in a few different places. Such chaos. I’ll get there eventually

  • I love the jars you keep your brushes in! I don’t really have makeup storage, it’s pretty much just scattered around my house – disaster. Thanks for the ideas, I have a feeling I had better sort something out sooner rather than later…

    • The good old Warehouse! Having it scattered around is just a disaster, so I’m glad I got it all set up and I can actually remember to use it all.

  • I love watching and reading makeup storage videos and posts! Some beauty vloggers have different compartments in different drawers and the videos can go on for like 20 minutes… Thanks for the ideas! The make up I use most often is just shoved into a big make up bag that I have… hahaha x

    • I love makeup storage posts and videos too. There’s a Youtuber called Tarababyz and her collection video was 2 hours! She has more makeup than a department store, I swear

  • Your makeup stash is very impressive! Im jealous. Love those acrylic lipstick holders too, they are so handy (and those karen murrell lipsticks look perfect there)

    • It’s ridiculous, I probably should buy less haha. But now I get sent a lot of stuff, so I have a whole seperate PR set of drawers. I have to store my lipsticks all upside down because otherwise I can’t tell them apart.

  • Christel Hansen

    Love this post! I’m never gonna be satisfied with my makeup storage until I move I think. I currently have two trolley things that organise most of it, but I really want some acrylic lipstick holders because they’re currently sitting in one of the drawers and it makes it so hard trying to find anything! I have those same brush holders! Love them! oxoxo

    • I bet your collection is amazing, you will have to do a proper storage tour when you move! Or a before and after. The brush holders are so good, I’ve seen quite a few people with them, no wonder I couldn’t find another one! Will have to go looking again.

      • Christel Hansen

        It’s not that big anymore (sadly!) but I plan to build it up again – and maybe even start restocking a freelance kit. I dunnooo though. Definitely will do a storage tour though! Exciting! 😀
        Yeah they’re awesome! I think I have like 6 of the white ones, but had to buy them 2 at a time because they were sold out everywhere!! oxoxo

        • I’m sure it’s still pretty great! Oh gr8 will you do my makeup for $50? Plz? Goddamn you’re why I can’t get any of them hahaha.

          • Christel Hansen

            Hahahahahaha awww chur I’ll do your makeup for fiddy bucks! That’s my going rate, how did you know?! 😛
            Hahahahah yup guilty >_>

  • You have so much makeup I want to raid your stuff!! 😀

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