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My favourite perfumes

I can’t believe I’ve been writing this blog for about a year and a half and I don’t think I’ve ever written about the perfumes that I wear and love. I have a few different fragrances, as well as other favourites that I don’t currently own but have in the past. I find perfume terminology kind of confusing, but typically I like light and sweet scents. These perfumes are by One Direction, Trilogy, Kim Kardashian, and Urban Rituelle.

One direction one moment, trilogy raha, kim kardashian gold, forever new vanilla

One Direction – Our Moment

I am a big One Direction fan, and that’s no secret. However, this perfume is genuinely really nice, and even people who aren’t fans have commented on how nice it smells. I like the fancy packaging, as well as the box itself which I still have on my makeup table. It goes well with my One Direction calendar as well.

“Top notes are pink grapefruit, forest fruits and red currant; middle notes are freesia, jasmine and frangipani; base notes are woodsy notes, patchouli and musk.” – Fragrantica, the perfume encyclopedia.

You can purchase this from Mighty Ape or in department stores.

our moment one direction perfume

Kim Kardashian – Gold

This perfume reminds me of a great trip to Las Vegas with my stepsister Raquel. We’re both big fans of the Kardashians so we had to visit their Kardashian Khaos store (which I just learned is no longer in business). I bought a set of perfumes with the original Kim Kardashian perfume, Kim Kardashian Gold, and Kim Kardashian Love which was made for her wedding to Kris Humphries #awkward.

Kardashian Khaos
Fond memories 🙂

“The fragrant composition of Gold, intended for hot summer, begins with a rich burst of bergamot, grapefruit and pink pepper. The heart includes a floral bouquet of jasmine, tender rose and dewy violet. The addictive base blends patchouli, sandalwood, amber and creamy benzoin, all wrapped in an elegant and warm veil of musk.”  – Fragrantica

Kim Kardashian Gold, as well as the other Kim Kardashian fragrances can be purchased at department stores.

Kim Kardashian gold perfume
Can you spot my reflection? (oops!)

Trilogy – Raha*

The newest addition to my perfume collection is Raha, from Trilogy. It is their second natural perfume which has been produced in partnership with So They Can, a not-for-profit organisation which aims to empower African communities through education.

Trilogy raha perfume

“Meaning joy in Swahili, Raha’s notes of vibrant green galbanum, citrus, blue iris and warm vanilla evoke the joy and life the warm African rain brings to these communities.”

Raha is based in sunflower oil which makes the fragrance long lasting on your skin. NZ$2 for every bottle sold will be donated to So They Can. Strictly limited numbers available in participating stockists such as Farmers or buy online now.

Trilogy Raha perfume open

Urban Rituelle – Vanilla

I came across this Urban Rituelle Vanilla perfume one day in Forever New. I wouldn’t normally step foot in there since they don’t go much beyond a size 10, but I was with a much smaller friend, so was browsing the accessories – plus size women, you know what I mean! I always get compliments when I wear this, and it seems to have been particularly popular with various guys over time.

A blissfully creamy & oh so sweet blend of warm vanilla mixed with lashings of luscious caramel and smooth buttermilk. “

Urban Rituelle is stocked in Forever New in Australia and New Zealand, and for further stockist information visit the Urban Rituelle website.

urban rituelle vanilla perfume

So there you have it, my four favourite fragrances. There are others I have loved previously, such as Clinique Happy which was my signature scent for years, but currently I’m loving these. What’s your signature scent? I’m always interested to know.


*PR Sample



  • Oh man, I hardly ever wear perfume, but when I do it’s Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Went on a wee spree when I went to Hong Kong a while back and fell in love with it haha

    • Oh that’s such a lovely perfume. I have a sample of Dot by Mark Jacobs and I really want to buy it!

  • I love fragrances with grapefruit/citrus notes so those first two sound divine! I had one of the fragrances from Forever New (I wish I could fit their clothes haha, til then it’s just browsing the accessories!) and it was surprisingly nice!

    • I have so many of their accessories, it’s my favourite shopping friend’s favourite shop haha. The One Direction one is so nice, whenever I wear it people seem to notice it – and then almost take back their compliment lol

  • I *love* the two Trilogy perfumes that I’ve sniffed! Just yesterday I was dabbing some on myself in Farmers haha. They’re gorgeous!

    I know it’s not exactly high end, but ‘White Musk’ from The Body Shop is still one of my favourite smells. I also used to love Emporio Armani’s ‘Diamonds’ (before it was discontinued; sad face!), and ‘Armani Code’. So good!

    • I haven’t smelled the other Trilogy perfume, but i’m sure it’s nice! Mum used to wear White Musk when I was little, it’s a real scent memory of mine. Thanks for commenting!

  • I never tried trilogy perfumes! Would love to try it before I buy 🙂 great post, I am loving MJ Daisy & Yves Rocher at the moment.

    • MJ fragrances are so nice – I’d love to have one one day! They have testers at Farmers, go check the Trilogy ones out 🙂

  • Emma

    The original Kim Kardashian is one of my favourite perfumes (I used to own nearly 70 and have recently decluttered the collection down to under 30, so I’ve tried an embarrassing amount!), I’ll have to check out Gold it certainly does sound nice!

    • I finished the original Kim Kardashian one a couple of months ago and I was so sad! That’s quite the collection!!

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