Doing my mum’s makeup

Today I’m going to show you a makeup look I did on my mum recently! I like playing makeup artist, it’s a challenge compared to doing makeup on myself – different skin types, different eye/lid area, just a totally different canvas to work on. All week she, my friend, and I had been joking about wearing ‘double makeup’ – twice as much as you would usually wear, so that was part of my ~creative vision~ for this look. Mum wears makeup most days but usually her eye makeup is fairly neutral so I decided to make use of colour in this looks to really make her pretty eyes pop!

For the base of this look I used my NYX anti-redness primer – mum hasn’t really used primer before so it was a novelty for her. Then I applied her Revlon Colorstay foundation for normal to dry skin in shade 240 Medium Beige using my XOBeauty flat top brush. It had to be my brush as she doesn’t really believe in using brushes for foundation but I must say she was impressed with how it turned out so maybe we have a convert. There was no need for concealer but I put some of the highlighter from my ELF highlighter/concealer duo under her eyes to brighten things up a bit. Next up I was very intrigued by these shimmer balls from Lacura Beauty so I swirled my brush around in them and applied to her cheekbones. Disappointingly, they didn’t seem to be very pigmented so I went over the top with my ELF blush in Peachy Keen.

Lacura Beauty Shimmer Balls

I was really excited to see this huge palette of Models Prefer eyeshadows, and then I opened it up fully and just about fell off my chair! It has 98 eyeshadows, 70 lipglosses/lipsticks, 3 blushes/highlighters, 6 cream liners, and apparently came with eye and lip pencils and a mascara too (their location is presently unknown). Mum was given it for a gift a couple of years ago but google leads me to believe it cost about $30 which is such a bargain!

Models Prefer eyeshadow set

I started with my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer, because mum doesn’t have one, and this is great. Using a large Sephora eyesahdow brush I applied this light green shade all over her eyelid and I then picked up a darker colour and put in in the crease. At this point my highly demanding client requested some glitter, so I obliged and used the silver shade from one of her Maybelline quads on the outer v of her eye. Madam looked disappointed when I went to use my black pencil eyeliner on her top lid, but the only liquid-ish one I had with me was the Benefit gel liner mini which I haven’t had much success with, and I didn’t want to fail and ruin her whole look with it. I applied a green eyeliner from a brand I’ve never heard of called ‘MIB’ to her waterline for extra pop as after all we were going for double makeup! I finished it off with my Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes mascara and made her apply it herself after how much of a mess I made when I put mascara on my friend Caitlin!

Models Prefer green eyeshadows

For her lips, I chose a dark terracotta shade which I think balanced the eyes out nicely. I initially went for red but she didn’t want to look too much like christmas which I think is a good call!

Mum's lipsHere is the final look – I think she looks gorgeous, and everyone else agreed.
Final face
I realised later that all of my pics of her eye makeup were pretty rubbish, so this is the best I have – sorry!

20140823_124916For a bonus, here is me and mum together that night. She doesn’t think we look alike but everyone else on earth pretty much does.


Lena x



  • Such a sweet idea 🙂 your mother is gorgeous, what a great model you had there. X

    • A very demanding model but a gorgeous one!

  • Kel

    Good work! I wouldn’t know where to start doing make up on someone else! 🙂

    • It was so strange doing it – and she said it experiencing it was weird too.

  • Your mum looks beautiful and the lip colour you chose really suits her! Alice xx

    • I agree! It was hard to choose with so many options.

  • Good job on her makeup, she looks fabulous! If you ever need a model, you know who to call, but realise I have literally zero makeup of my own, hehe