My most important beauty products

Today my friend Laura from Laura Loves Beauty Blog and I are sharing our five most important beauty products – our absolute favourites that we just couldn’t be without. It was really hard for me to narrow this down, but I eventually managed to get it done, and here they all are. Keep reading to find out why these products are my favourites.

MAC syrup, urban decay naked 3, paulas choice bha, oasis rhino repair, trilogy everything balm

1. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette.
I absolutely love this palette, it is so incredibly beautiful – both the packaging and the shadows. It was a bit divisive in the beauty world when it came out, a lot of people didn’t like the colours but I think it works really well on me. I could almost get rid of all of the rest of my eyeshadows and use only this – not quite, but almost! The packaging is so sturdy, with a mirror and good brush, and the rose gold is just stunning. Here’s a picture of me wearing some of the shadows – look how beautiful it is!

Lena Dressed up nudes submission 2

Urban Decay Naked 3 palette

2. MAC Syrup lipstick
This is one that has been mentioned quite a lot on here, because it’s so lovely. A beautiful dusky pink in a creme formula. This was also part of my descent to makeup addiction, as my mum let me use her empty products for Back to Mac and get this lipstick for free. I wear it at least once a week.

MAC Syrup lipstick

3. Oasis Beauty Rhino Repair
This product is probably made of magic, that’s how well it works. I received a sample of it at a Makeup Obsessives meet up, and just HAD to order the full size. I’m a bit evangelical with it, I refilled my sample pot and gave some to my dad when he mentioned having some dry skin. A little bit goes such a long way, and it heals my eczema patches faster that prescription steroid creams that had negative side effects.

Oasis Beauty Rhino Repair

4. Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Lotion
I don’t think I’ve mentioned this on here before which is surprising. It is made with 2% salicylic acid, and works to help control my acne. It isn’t an acne treatment per se, in that it doesn’t work for specific breakouts – for that I use Benzoyl Peroxide – but it reduces the frequency of them and improves the general texture of my skin.

Paula's Choice BHA lotion Salicylic acid

5. Trilogy Everything Balm
Every single night, the last thing I do before I switch the light off is apply lip balm. The one I’ve had on my bedside table for the last year or so is Trilogy’s Everything Balm. Technically you can apply it in many different places on your body, but I stick to having it on my lips. It’s nice and moisturising, but not so goopy that my boyfriend would refuse to kiss me afterwards which is an important consideration for me.

Trilogy Everything balm

Now that you know why my most important beauty products are, head over to Laura Loves Beauty Blog to see what hers are!

lena x