Moisturising socks?!?!

Keeping my feet soft is a bit of a year round challenge for me. In summer, like many kiwis, I have the propensity to walk around barefoot or in jandals, so they get tough. Meanwhile, in winter they’re trapped in shoes and boots, and get dry like the rest of my body. I was recently browsing and found some moisturising socks listed for only 50c. Described as a ‘luxurious home spa treatment that provides moisture and nutrients to dry rough feet’ they promised to revitalise my feet and be easy to use, containing Aloe Vera and Shea Butter. As someone who is both very curious about beauty products, always on a quest to make my feet silky smooth, and powerless to resist a bargan I couldn’t help but add them to my cart.

Once they arrived, I was excited to put them to the test. When I opened the packet, I found they were essentially plastic bags, with a lining of some kind of fabric or maybe it was even paper, that had been soaked with moisture.

Moisturising Shea butter and Aloe Vera Socks

The instructions say to wash and dry your feet before using, which I dutifully did. You then slip these on to your feet which is a really bizarre sensation because the inside is full of moisture. They’re not tight at all like a normal sock, and don’t really follow the shape of your foot, so I wore a big pair of socks over the top to stop them slipping off. The packaging says one size fits most, and my feet only just fit – I wear a size 10 women’s shoe (41 in European sizing) so if your feet are any bigger this is not the product for you. I then set my phone alarm for 30 minutes later, as I wanted maximum moisturising time, and went about my business (sat on the couch and browsed the internet). My feet felt squishy in the socks which was kind of gross, it made me think of having wet socks in my shoes.

Moisturising Shea butter and aloe vera socks on
My foot crammed inside a moist plastic bag.

After half an hour I took them off and patted the remaining moisture into my feet. They felt a bit more moisturised, but it really was nothing spectacular at all. It was a let down that my boyfriend said I should have seen coming (hater).

The first two things on the ingredients list for these socks are water and mineral oil, and they are probably what will give the most moisturising effects. As I discussed in my post on mineral oil myths, it is very effective at trapping moisture in your skin, which is exactly what you need to do if your feet are dry. In the reviews for these socks people were freaking out about parabens being included, saying that they’re toxic, will give you cancer, and all sorts of nonsense. Parabens have actually been proven to be safe many many times, and the only “evidence” to say that they are linked to cancer was one very small study that never said that they cause cancer. You can read more about parabens in this article on There were also people freaking out that mineral oil will give you cancer too, which was covered in the mineral oil myths post too – spoiler alert, it won’t.

I definitely wouldn’t buy these socks again, although it was kind of interesting and a low-cost investment. I’ll be sticking to using my tried and true method of using a basic foot file, and then putting a foot cream on with a pair of cotton socks before bed. It’s also much less wasteful because it doesn’t generate rubbish like my moisturising socks did. It also feels much less gross, and has the benefit of actually fitting your feet, as long as your socks do.

Have you tried these socks? Do you have any smooth foot advice for me? Let me know in the comments section!




  • I definitely agree about just wearing thick socks and a good moisturiser! I’ve been using a good Shea butter one from loccitane which I picked up in duty free. I also just wrote a post about parabens and how they haven’t been proven carcinogenic!

    • I just read your post too – so good to see other people who aren’t falling into the trap of being scared of them!!

  • Vikki

    Lena, do you ever go and get the rough skin scraped off your heels…a service available in some nail salons? What do you think of that process for general foot care…is it beneficial?

    • I don’t – and I wouldn’t. On 20/20 the other night a woman ended up having to have her foot amputated because she got an infection from having that done in a salon. I wouldn’t trust someone who is poorly trained to be wielding razor blades on my feet! Files are fine but definitely not those blades – I’d rather my feet were a bit rough as long as they’re still attached!!!

  • My feet are usually alright with just a quick file in the shower, but when they’re bad I also use a cream with urea in it. I think the brand is Nutraplus, and it’s from the pharmacy. It’s indicated for “dry hyperkeratotic skin, ichthyosis, atopic eczema” — so you can use it on other dry, rough patches like your elbows too!

    • Urea, as in urine? Whaaat

      • Bahaha! Google it bro. I’ve got a post planned on it too #lazyblogger