Model for a day with Bonnie Hu Nails and Makeup

Sunday, May 14th 2017 Nails

wearing Lady Voluptuous Flamingo

My friend Bonnie recently opened a makeup and nails studio here in Auckland, and invited me to come along to try out her services. I also have a friend who is a starting out as a  photographer, and she wanted me to model for her. I combined the two, added a couple of new dresses I had bought for my birthday and celebrating my new job, respectively, and here we have this shoot!

First up, a little note on Bonnie’s studio. If you follow my Instagram and view my stories, you may have seen behind the scenes. It’s based within a hair salon, and they have the prettiest space. The aesthetic really speaks to me, with plenty of white, marble, and “millenial pink”. Bonnie’s room is perfectly set up, with stations for both makeup and nails. She even has a beverage menu which was a lovely touch – important to keep hydrated while getting your glam on.

I was utterly in love with the beautifully detailed nail art Bonnie did for me, using my purple butterfly dress as inspiration. She did it using gel polish and it lasted for almost three weeks until I had to (attempt to) change my car tyre. I’m not cut out for physical work! No good for nails.

Nail art by Bonnie Hu - Lena Talks Beauty

Nail art by Bonnie Hu

I didn’t have a very specific makeup look in mind for this shoot, just that I wanted it to be versatile for both dresses I was planning to shoot in. Bonnie took my vague answers and made me look like a million bucks. She gave me a little container with some of the lipstick, a mini lip brush, and some blotting sheets – so perfect for touch ups as the day went on. Aside from lipstick wearing as I ate and drank, my makeup was still perfectly intact when I took it off before bed.

Makeup by Bonnie Hu, Photos by Emmy Lou Photography - Lena Talks Beauty Blog

Showing off the beautiful eyeshadow Bonnie did on me

A quick note on these dresses from Lady Voluptuous. Lady Voluptuous is a sub-brand from Lady Vintage, a vintage/pin-up styled brand, made especially for plus size women. These dresses are designed in collaboration with Georgina from Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust so definitely know what suits a plus size lady such as myself. I get so many compliments every time I wear them, and it’s so nice to have clothing that isn’t the same City Chic dresses every other plus size woman has!!

Lena Talks Beauty Wearing Lady Voluptuous Lyra - Purple Butterfly

Wearing Lady Voluptuous Lyra dress – Purple Butterfly

It was so fun playing model for the day. I was a bit nervous of how I’d look, especially as I’m not exactly a model figure. I’m used to being the one controlling how I look in photos, using the classic flattering selfie angles, but Emma made me feel so confident. I’ve done a similar type of shoot before with Meagan Kerrs fearless style post but that was a few years (and a few kilos) ago, so it was nerve-wracking again.

Wearing Lady Voluptuous Lyra Dress - Flamingo

Wearing Lady Voluptuous Lyra Dress – Flamingo

I hope you’ve liked this post, definitely not my usual review or opinion post but it was really fun to do and I’ve been excited to share these images!




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