“Maybe if you stopped wearing makeup, you wouldn’t have acne”

Today is a bit of a personal post about my battle with acne. One thing people often say to me when I mention my struggles with acne, and knowing that I wear makeup often, is “maybe if you stopped wearing makeup you wouldn’t have acne”. I know they’re just trying to be helpful, but it always makes me either bristle with indignation, or sigh with frustration. Yes, of course, I’ve tried not wearing makeup and unfortunately, it didn’t improve my skin at all. All that happened when I didn’t wear makeup was that I had to walk around feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed about the way I looked. Being 23, and still suffering from acne makes me feel really self conscious. I feel like it makes me look younger than I am, and it’s ugly, and I just hate it. Not to be rude to anyone who has acne and chooses not to wear makeup, but this is just how I feel when I do. Feeling self conscious about your appearance isn’t something that anyone likes, and if I can avoid that feeling, and walk around feeling great about myself, then it makes me so much happier.

When I experimented with not wearing makeup, I found myself slacking with my evening skincare routine, because I didn’t have any makeup to remove. When I wear makeup, I’m vigilant about taking it off at night, but if I don’t have anything on it’s easy to feel like there’s no point. My makeup also has sunscreen in it, which protects my skin – not directly related to acne, but still a positive benefit for my skin. That’s why I’m going to continue wearing makeup AND continue battling my acne, and chronicling both here. 

I’m interested to know – have any of you stopped wearing makeup and did your skin improved?

Lena x



  • I don’t wear makeup and still get acne especially around that time of the month, not cool but I’m far too lazy to learn how to use makeup (I’m a terrible female), if its particularly bad I’ve started using the moisturiser with a touch of foundation in it.

    • I don’t think that’s a terrible female – no one should feel obliged to wear makeup! I just hate the way I look when I have visible acne.

  • I loved this post!!! I get really bad breakouts around my chin and my face hasn’t been clear for several months now. I HATE when people blame makeup. I always ensure my foundations are non comodogenic and try to avoid products that could irritate my skin! Makeup makes me feel 200% more confident when I leave the house & there is nothing wrong with that 🙂

    • Exactly! I feel so much more confident wearing it, I’m not going to stop!

  • My skin is actually better when I DO wear makeup. It sounds gross, but I’m more likely to thoroughly cleanse my face at night if I wore makeup. Sometimes, if I’m just wearing sunscreen, I get lazy about my cleansing routine.

    • I’m exactly the same – it feels like there isn’t much of a point to doing it if you don’t have makeup on, even though of course there is.