Manuka Doctor and Plantae Skincare

I feel so lucky that through blogging I get the opportunity to try so many interesting new beauty products. Not all of them make it to the blog, but today I’ll be sharing my thoughts about two skincare products I’ve been using and liking for a few weeks now. They are Plantae Sea Buckthorn Berry Night Cream and Manuka Doctor Brightening Facial Oil, and both of them now feature in regular rotation for my evening skincare routine. Regular readers may know that my skin tends towards dry, and somewhat sensitive – so keep that in context for my reviews. Like with all skincare, what works well for me could be terrible for you.

Plantae Sea Buckthorn Berry Night Cream and Manuka Doctor Brightening Facial Oil


Manuka Doctor Brightening Facial Oil

I have long been a fan of using oils on my face, so I was interested in trying this brightening facial oil from Manuka Doctor. The key ingredient is the Manuka oil, which has been proven to combat the bacteria that causes acne. I can’t say for certain whether it is because of this oil, but over the last month or so my acne has reduced to the point where some days I don’t even need to apply a spot treatment. Along with the Manuka oil, there are Argan, Tamanu, Avocado, and Rosehip oil, all of which work together to leave my skin feeling more hydrated and brighter.

When I posted about this product on instagram, Manuka Doctor commented to say that they recommend mixing a few drops with your moisturiser. I would suggest doing so also, as it has quite a strong smell that seems to be neutralised by the presence of a moisturiser. The smell does fade but when I’ve applied it on its own I found it to be unpleasant.

Manuka Doctor Brightening Facial Oil has a recommended retail price of $29.95 – the bottle is 30ml, and you really only need a few drops at a time which makes it good value for money.

Manuka Doctor Brightening Facial Oil

Plantae Sea Buckthorn Berry Night Cream

I don’t routinely use a specific night cream, but when this arrived for me I couldn’t resist as I have been using the Plantae Avocado Pear Eye Contour Cream for months now, and I knew I liked the range. Well, I’m very pleased that I did try it!

My first question was ‘what is a Sea Buckthorn Berry?’, and so I did some research. Sea Buckthorn is a plant native to Europe and Asia, which has small berries that are high in essential fatty acids. The oil from the seeds and pulp has long been used in traditional medicine in Russia and China, and now these benefits are being harnessed in commercial skincare. Along with the Sea Buckthorn Berry, this night cream includes Rose Hip, Evening Primrose and Borage oil with Auvergne Pine Bark, Black Currant Leaf and Rose Otto essential oil.

In my experience, this is a very moisturising night cream yet is not terribly greasy. I still wouldn’t want to go out in the day time wearing it but it does absorb into my skin well. I find myself barely needing to apply moisturiser in the morning, only sunscreen which has the nice effect of simplifying my morning routine. The promotional material says that its use can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, however I can’t speak to the effectiveness of that as I’m at the tender age of 23 and have yet to be concerned about wrinkles – acne is more my problem.

Plantae Sea Buckthorn Berry Night Cream has a recommended retail price of $64.90 for 50g. I recognise that this is more expensive than the products that I typically endorse, but if you are in the position to choose to spend that sort of money on your skincare, then this is a product which I think is good quality.

Plantae Sea Buckthorn Berry Night Cream

Manuka Doctor products are available at Life and Unichem pharmacies, selected department stores, and The Manuka Doctor concept Store, which is at 1 Quay Street, Auckland City (across the road from the ferry building).  For more information or to locate your nearest stockist go to

Plantae products are available in New Zealand at selected pharmacies and health food stores – for stockists (including online) or more information about the range, head to x