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Wednesday, September 16th 2015 Makeup

MAC Vamplify Collection - Lena Talks Beauty

The latest collection from MAC Cosmetics is Vamplify – a collection of strongly pigmented, long wearing lip glosses, and lip pencils.

MAC Vamplify Collection - Lena Talks Beauty

Image supplied by M.A.C Cosmetics

“Be seduced by our most dramatic lip gloss yet. Loaded with high-powered pigments that hug lips in shades that glisten with a delicious shine, one swipe loads lips with attitude as a combination of lush natural oils polish with impeccable, moisturizing colour. Never a tease, the glossy colour wears comfortably for hours, for a look that comes on strong and doesn’t let go.”

I was excited to receive two of these Vamplify glosses from MAC Cosmetics, and I have swatches, pictures of them on my face and full review, so read on!

There are 17 different glosses in the Vamplify Collection, and they are $48 in NZ for 5ml (0.17 fl oz). The colours range from nudes like Spanking Haute to She Rebel which is a purple that is almost blue, and bright red of Suggestive.

This collection also includes 12 Pro Longwear Lip Pencils, which are $50 in NZ. Similar to the Vamplify glosses, these pencils have a wide range of colours from the coral Voltage to the wam nude of Oh Honey!

MAC Vamplify Collection - Lena Talks Beauty

The two shades that I received from the MAC Vamplify collection are What’s Going On which is at the top of this photo, and Speed Up below.

MAC Vamplify Speed Up swatch and MAC Vamplify What's going on Swatch - Lena Talks Beauty

What’s Going On (top), Speed Up (below)

I like the packaging and applicator on these Vamplify glosses – it is an angled doe foot which allows for precise application. It’s different to either the standard MAC Lipglass or the Mineralize Lipglass, so I decided to get them all out so I could compare.

MAC Vamplify comparison with Mineralize Lipglass and Lipglass applicators - Lena Talks Beauty

Left to Right – Lipglass, Mineralize Lipglass, Vamplify

My favourite shade of these two is What’s Going On. Speed up is really nice too, but the shade is a bit too light for the natural colour of my lips. Here I am wearing What’s Going On Vamplify lipgloss. Looking at this photo, it reminds me a bit of MAC Show Orchid lipstick, which I own but really do not wear often enough – I should, because it’s a great shade.

MAC Vamplify What's Going On - Lena Talks Beauty


Sometimes when I’m taking blog photos, home alone with a tripod and remote I get a bit silly with my poses, and here’s an example

MAC Vamplify What's Going On Lipgloss - Lena Talks Beauty

Blowing a kiss to you dear readers.

Since these are glosses, I didn’t really expect much in terms of wear time – I was fully prepared to have to reapply after I finished my coffee. Well how wrong was I?! After my coffee the glossiness was gone, but the colour remained. Even after I had eaten lunch, and drank water during the afternoon, my lips still had a tint to them. The Vamplify gloss faded evenly throughout the day, I wasn’t left with an embarrassing ring around my lips.

MAC Vamplify What's Going On wear time - Lena Talks Beauty

The MAC Vamplify collection is available from September 21, 2015 at all authorized M.A.C Locations in New Zealand. Internationally it is already available in most countries (of course, she says with a resigned sigh) so visit for stockists and online shopping where available.MAC Vamplify - Lena Talks Beauty

I have to say, in this day and age I do not know why brands continue to release things later here. Friends of mine buy limited edition MAC collections online from the USA and have it shipped here before it even reaches our stores. If retailers are so concerned about the rise of online shopping, I think simultaneous global release would really help. This isn’t directed just at MAC, but to all retailers in the beauty industry.

What do you think of this collection? Is there anything you’re wanting to get from it? Let me know in the comments section below!

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  • what’s going on looks lovely on you. I also received two shades…yet to do the review…
    I totally agree with you..All brands should release their products globally at the same time…

    • I totally agree. Companies seem to think charging GST on online purchases will stop online shopping and drive us in store and that’s just not true. Aside from the savings shopping online, I buy online because often I can’t get things here, or can’t get here yet. Same with movies and books that come out later too! I would love a company to explain to me why they release things later here. Thanks for the comment!

  • Love what’s going on on you! And Shame Speed Up didn’t work for you either. Such a difficult color i tell you! And agree on the same date release part. It’s so annoying. Makes NZ feel so lagged behind everyone else. What’s the point of late release when it’s gonna be released eventually?

    • Thanks Nishu! It looked okay, not terrible, but also not quite right. I was so impressed with the formula, when I looked in the mirror after eating I was like whoa!!

  • These lip glosses look stunning and so opaque! I have to admit, I do buy things from overseas so I can get my hands on it asap, and I just hate waiting for things when i know they’re available elsewhere.

    • I seriously think it would be beneficial to make products available, as opposed to trying to penalise us for trying to shop from them internationally! I was so so impressed with the wear time on these glosses.

  • “What’s Going On?” would have to be my fave out of these two – great review Lena!

  • These shades are really pretty and opaque. Thanks for showing the difference in applicators. I agree with you about the worldwide release thing. I buy lots from overseas, but have been known to leave work for a ‘coffee’ in the morning and run to the local Mac store to buy a new limited edition release before they sellout.

    • Thanks for the nice comment! I like your style, popping out for a coffee but going to MAC! It’s probably a good thing I don’t have a nearby MAC store or else I really would be broke.

  • I was sort of interested in these but I’m still not sure. They haven’t release here as yet. And yes, I totally agree with you about releasing so lately internationally. Most of the time, I’ve already purchased from the U.S. as well 🙂

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl’s Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    • They’re really excellent, although they’re expensive I love how well they wear. Wow, NZ isn’t last! I’m shocked. I don’t often order from the US because I’m not that dedicated to stay up until 4am or something, and the cost of shipping + the terrible exchange rate at the moment doesn’t make it worthwhile, but I know a lot of people that do.


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