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MAC Technique classes have been relaunched with a broader range of workshops and seminars. There are now 13 technique focuses, from beauty basics to glam chic. I am a makeup enthusiast but I’ve never really learned how to apply makeup, aside from watching endless tutorials. So, when MAC invited me to attend a MAC Technique workshop I was ecstatic.

The topic of the workshop I attended was Sculpt and Shade, and the description is as follows Proper contouring can completely change the face shape. Learn how to emphasize flattering angles by creating dimension, symmetry and definition through shading and highlighting.”

In this post I’ll give you the run down of the whole experience – from booking, to how the class worked.

When you download the app, you will first need to set up your profile. Then, the next thing to do is locate a class to book in to.

The MAC Technique App homescreen - Lena Talks Beauty
The MAC Technique App homescreen

FIND – Explore the 13 technique focuses and locate the closest M·A·C Technique class.

  1. GOING NATURAL Master the “No Makeup-Makeup” trend. Learn tips from prepping and priming to choosing the right shades to create the perfect, flawless looking skin.
  2. DAY TO NIGHT Double duty looks – makeup that can be taken from day to night. Learn how to amplify features to give an instant refresh to the skin, or go for a whole new look.
  3. THE STYLED EYE The styled eye covers all types of eye makeup look – sultry, smoky, glossy, and graphic. Learn techniques from shading to highlighting, lining to defining, blending, lashes and brows – this workshop has it all.
  4. BEAUTY BASICS Makeup application is all about technique – this workshop is good for both beginners and artists looking for an update. M·A·C Artists show how to enhance features and learn a fresh new perspective on beauty.
  5. ALL DAY FABULOUS Keep makeup looking fresh all day – M·A·C Artist give tips on creating looks with staying power. From long-wearing formulas to secret techniques for achieving extended wear.
  6. FRESH, LUMINOUS, LUXE Makeup should feel comfortable and be good for the skin. In this class learn application tips on mineral-rich textures for looks that are fresh and luminous.
  7. LIGHT AND BRIGHT Learn how to create clear, even, radiant skin using M·A·C’s Lightful C collection.
  8. SCULPT AND SHADE Proper contouring can completely change the face shape. Learn how to emphasize flattering angles by creating dimension, symmetry and definition through shading and highlighting.
MAC Technique workshop - Lena Talks Beauty
Beauty media recreating the looks – Image credit MAC Cosmetics
  1. STUDIO READY This class is all about makeup with maximum impact. Learn techniques tried and tested by M·A·C Artists on the runway and in the studio.
  2. CELEB CHIC Create celebrity inspired looks – personalized with tips from M·A·C Artists.
  3. ON TREND Find out the season’s latest looks from the artists creating the trends backstage, at over 500 shows each season. Play with new techniques and learn more about makeup’s current direction and products.
  4. SPECIAL OCCASION This class teaches techniques for creating standout looks for special occasions.
  5. GROOMING BASICS Learn about all the ideal products, tools and techniques for flawless grooming for men and women – from skincare and priming, to tone and texture and brows. These simple tricks can refine any look.
MAC Technique App Booking Screen - Lena Talks Beauty
MAC Technique App Booking Screen – Lena Talks Beauty

BOOK – The app will prompt you to phone the MAC location you will be attending the class at, to book and pay for your class. You can also book and pay in store if you prefer to not give out credit card information over the phone. I would love it if you could book and pay from within the app. After all, who likes making phone calls?

Once the class is booked, a face chart with interactive tips and tricks, along with an outline of the workshop will be sent.

MAC Technique App Face Chart Sculpt and Shade - Lena Talks Beauty
MAC Technique App Face Chart Sculpt and Shade

LEARN – During class, use the App to take photos and videos of each step, add notes and tips, and list favourite products. You can refer back to these in the future when you are trying to recreate the look at home.

Half of the fun of the class was being able to try a wide range of MAC products. I loved using the new MAC Spellbinder shadows which are “a shadow made of ionized, magnetically charged pigments that cling to lids like velvet“. The texture is similar to a pigment but without as much risk of making a giant mess!

I learned a lot in the class, and would absolutely consider attending one in the future to learn some more skills.

MAC Technique app notes and photos - Lena Talks Beauty
Selfies are encouraged at MAC Technique workshops!

SHARE – Refer to saved notes and list of products to recreate new looks at home. Looks are shareable across all major social platforms

There are two different styles of MAC Technique sessions – the seminar style where you watch and learn from an artist demonstrating on a model is 60 minutes long, and the workshop style where you sit and recreate the looks on your own face is 120 minutes long. When you contact the store you will be told which style of event it is. Ideally I think this information would be available within the app.

In New Zealand, the cost for attending a MAC Technique session is $120, with $100 of that being redeemable against purchase of products. Attendees also receive a makeup bag which you cannot get any way other than attending a session which is pretty cool.

The makeup bag exclusively for MAC Technique attendees

If you prefer a one on one style of learning you can also book individual makeup lessons, or small group makeup parties. There are also complimentary 10-15 minute demos available where a MAC Artist can show you things such as the art of eyebrow styling and shaping.

For more information, and contact details to book your workshop or lesson visit If you are outside New Zealand, visit to find the relevant website for your country to see the offerings there. the MAC Technique app is available on iTunes and Android.

Do you think you would attend a MAC Technique workshop or seminar? Which topics appeal to you the most?

MAC Technique - new makeup classes and app - Lena Talks Beauty

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