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MAC Holiday Collections 2015

The most exciting time of year of for makeup lovers is upon us – beauty brands are releasing their holiday collections! I’m getting into the Christmas swing of things with some products from two of the three collections that MAC Cosmetics are releasing for this holiday season. They are Magic of the Night and Enchanted Eve, both of which are on sale now! I was sent these by MAC on Friday, so this is only a a post of my first impressions of the lipstick, pressed pigment (eyeshadow) and face palette. I wanted to give you all a look at them so you can rush to your local counters and shop up large because missing out on these would be terribly sad.

MAC Cosmetics 2015 Holiday Collection - Lena Talks Beauty

MAC Magic of the Night and MAC Enchanted Eve - Lena Talks Beauty

Magic of the Night

“Get ready for an enchanted evening that won’t stop until dawn. Play it cool this holiday with eyes done up in deep smoky hues, and lips in tones that boldly lead the way for a night of unexpected thrills. Jazz it up with new Colourdrenched Pigment, set the mood with metallic nails, and light the way with the signature shimmering glow of Mineralize Skinfinish. The magic is in the night, darlings. Let’s have some fun.

Image supplied by M.A.C Cosmetics

The item from the Magic of the Night collection which immediately drew my eyes was the Evening Rendezvous lipstick. The timing was appropriate, since my dear friend Elese wrote a guest post for me last week about wearing purple lipstick and I’ve been wanting to give more of a go at wearing it. Evening Rendezvous is a deep reddish purple, and it’s a matte formula which MAC does so well. The metallic purple packaging is beautiful, it will be easy to find within my collection of MAC lipsticks.

MAC Evening Rendezvous Matte Lipstick - Lena Talks Beauty

Also from the Magic of the Night collection, I received Ascent of Glamour Colourdrenched pigment. It is a frosty cobalt blue pressed pigment with a slightly creamy formula. I had to do some research about this formula because I had never heard of it, and it turns out the colourdrenched pigment formula is new and limited edition as part of this collection – how exciting! The packaging is like a MAC eyeshadow or pressed pigment, but in a bright metallic blue that’s reminiscent of the MAC Alluring Aquatic collection from 2014.

MAC Ascent of Glamour Colourdrenched pigment magic of the night - Lena Talks Beautyq

Enchanted Eve

A captivating face always strikes the right note, so play it cool in hues that are all attitude with M∙A∙C Enchanted Eve Face Compacts. Whether you’re flirting your way through the evening, or trying to catch the eye of a favorite flame, Enchanted Eve Face Kits in Cool and Warm work the room from every angle, each featuring three Eye Shadows, Beauty Powder, Cream Colour Base and two Lipsticks.”

MAC Enchanted Eve Face Palette Cool - Lena Talks Beauty

I received the Enchanted Eye Face Palette in cool, which is the best option for my skin tone – yay! The colours of the products all work well with my colouring which i was delighted by. The products included are:

  • Cozy Grey (matte), Chez What? (frost), and Rhythm & Blues (Veluxe Pearl) eyeshadows
  • Cheek to Cheek beauty powder
  • Feed the Senses lipstick (lustre)
  • Rebel lipstick (satin)
  • Passing Fancy cream colour base
  • Double ended eyeshadow and lip brush

I raised my eyebrows at the idea of having cream and powder products in the same palette, but the lipsticks and cream colour base are kept under a plastic cover which is a good idea. Time will tell whether any powder fall out will contaminate it though, but so far so good! The packaging is sleekly elegant, and also practical with the large mirror and secure closing – it will be perfect for travelling with since it covers eyes, face, and lips.

MAC Cosmetics Enchanted Eve Face Palette Holiday 2015 - Lena Talks Beauty

Irresistibly Charming

Irresistibly Charming is the third of MAC’s 2015 Holiday Collecions, and it’s out in New Zealand on the 17th of November. I didn’t receive any of these products, but I know a few blogger friends who did and from the look of their sneak previews the mini kits look fabulous! I love mini products, not just for the novelty of their cuteness, but because I never finish makeup so it’s nice to have a variety of minis rather than a full sized product.

Lose yourself in the magic of the evening, where adventure and the seductiveness of midnight await. Sparked by an Irresistibly Charming allure, mini kits of Cremesheen Glass and Dazzle Glass, Patentpolish Lip Pencil, and Pigment and Glitter feature eye-catching hues that strut across the face in icy nudes, glitter-flecked purples, and fearless pinks and rouge. The night is young. Anything can happen.”

Image supplied by M.A.C Cosmetics

The prices for the MAC Holiday Collections are around their usual limited edition pricing, just a bit more expensive than their permanent range. The Colourdrenched pigment is $52 NZD, the lipsticks in Magic of the Night are $44 compared to $40 for a lipstick in the permanent range. No, they’re not cheap, but MAC is consistently one of the most popular makeup brands for a reason – they are so good! The Enchanted Eve face palettes are $142 which initially made me wince, then I sat and thought about the convenience of getting to have so many different products in one palette and I think it makes it a decent deal.

MAC 2015 Holiday Collections are available at all authorised MAC Cosmetics locations in New Zealand, as well as on and associated international versions of the website.

Do you think you’ll be buying anything from these collections? I seriously have my eye on the set of 4 pigments!

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These products were provided by MAC Cosmetics for review.



  • I have my eyes on the pigment sets too. They look amazing! I love that face palette too. Its got everything you might need for a weekend getaway. So handy. Loved the post Lena. Very informative. I’m sure you spent your precious weekend on it. Job well done!

    • Thank you Nishu – I usually like to show products in use and be more thorough but I also really wanted to get this up soon, so compromised like this. I’ve never used MAC pigments but have had them used on me, if that makes sense, and they are so pretty!!

  • So shiny! The packaging reminds me of the Alluring Aquatics collection — I think we may have visited the Britomart store around about when they released that range, which was the first time we met (along with the other BR peeps)! I’ll admit, I’ve purchased stuff from their Christmas collections in the past, but the all-in-one palettes, brush sets, and eyeshadows generally are a little lacking in term of quality when compared with the permanent range. I do like the look of the pigment sets though, and they’d last you absolutely forever!

    • Alluring Aquatics is totally what i thought of, except without the texture to it. The pigments really excite me, they look like they come in cute packaging too which of course adds to my interest!

  • I love the packaging! I also like the lipstick shade which seems to be a mix between Rebel and Pure Heroine from some swatches I’ve seen online. I already have All Fired Up lipstick but I’d much prefer it in this pretty packaging. I’m excited to see this range in store!

  • Omg, gorgeous ! I have to have a serious think about what I want for Christmas

  • Christel Hansen

    Definitely have my eyes on the pigments, I’m a real pigment junkie!
    That palette looks so pretty though!

  • Everything look gorgeous. MAC always has the most amazing holiday collections