MAC Haute Dogs Collection

MAC Haute Dogs Collection

The newest collection from MAC Cosmetics is inspired by dogs – that’s a sentence that I never thought I would write! Here is what they said about the new limited edition Haute Dogs collection:

“(Wo)man’s best friend is barking up the right tree in a well-groomed collection of new canine-inspired hues from M·A·C, featuring luscious, buttery fur tones, gold-spun sculpting powders, and regal berries for lips.”

MAC Haute Dogs Collection
Image supplied by M.A.C Cosmetics

I am actually scared of dogs, and was seriously phobic of them as a child, but you know what? I can get on board with this collection because I love MAC, and I love these colours! MAC have sent me two products for review – the Lap Dog Mineralise Lipglass, and Pure Bred Mineralise Eyeshadow quad.

MAC Haute Dogs collection

I was the most excited about the Mineralise Eyeshadow Quad, I have a few MAC eyeshadows but have never tried the Mineralise varieties until now. This is the Pure Bred quad, and the shadows are Plum, Silver cream, Tan gold & Deep brown. The MAC Haute Dogs Mineralise Eyeshadow Quads have an RRP of $115 in New Zealand, and there are three different quads available.
MAC Haute Dogs Collection - Pure Bred Mineralise Eyeshadow Quad. Lena Talks Beauty

I really like this sturdy quad, and the mirror inside it. I’m also glad that they didn’t bother including sponge applicators or anything – it’s just a waste of space and with products this nice you should really be using good brushes. The shades all work well with each other, which means it’ll be quite versatile.

Capturing the Silver cream shade in a swatch was a bit difficult but it’s a lovely shade.

MAC Haute Dogs - Pure Bred Mineralize Eyeshadow Quad. Lena Talks Beauty

The Mineralize Glass in Lap Dog  is the second item from this collection that I was sent. It’s a pale light pink-nude which reminds me a bit of Oxblood from the Toledo collection earlier this year. MAC lipglasses are much less tacky than conventional lipglosses which I never wear, but I do reach for my MAC lip glasses regularly. There are four different lipglasses in the MAC Haute Dogs collection and they have an RRP of $58 in New Zealand.

MAC Haute Dogs Collection - Lap Dog Mineralize Lipglass

Here I am wearing the Pure Bred eyeshadows, as well as the Lap Dog lipglass over the Whirl lipliner that I bought last weekend.

Using MAC Haute Dogs products

I am pleased to report that the Mineralize eyeshadows apply very nicely, and blended together well. Plum is not an eyeshadow colour that I would ordinarily wear, but now I think it’ll be something I wear regularly now.

MAC Haute Dogs pure bred and lap dog

The MAC Haute Dogs collection includes products for your eyes, face, lips, and even your nails! This limited edition collection is available from September 7, 2015 at all authorized M.A.C Locations in New Zealand. For international readers visit for stockist information and online stores in selected countries. By the way, if, like me you were wondering how to pronounce haute – it’s like ‘oat’ not ‘hot’.

MAC Haute Dogs Collection
Image supplied by M.A.C Cosmetics

What do you think of this collection – do you think there will be anything you’ll be picking up? Let me know in the comments section.

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  • Stacey

    These are so pretty!!

  • The palette looks gorg on you Lena 🙂

  • I don;t wear MAC but I have to say this is a beautiful collection – I love that eyeshadow!

  • Christel Hansen

    I love the eyeshadow quad! It’s so nice!
    That lipglass looks really nice too, I love how you’ve layered it over the whirl lipliner (I definitely need that lipliner in my life) oxoxo

    • Thanks Christel! On my lips it didn’t really show up so I experimented. You NEED Whirl, it is so nice!!

  • Just followed you over from makeupper! ? surprisingly I actually quite like this collection, didn’t think I would. They all look so nice together too, that lipglass is nice.
    And I would’ve pronounced it kind of like “hawt” so you’ve saved me a faux pas there!

    • Welcome! When I got the press release I was like DOG MAKEUP?! but then I saw the products 🙂 I’m glad I could help you avoid some potential embarrassment.

  • I got the same products Lena…. I liked the shades when using with a wet brush…lip glass wont suit my pigmented lips….Are you picking nythng from this collectn?

    • Ooh I haven’t tried it with a wet brush, good idea! I don’t think I will be, after a bit of a splurge at MAC last weekend!

  • That eyeshadow palette is gorgeous. I don’t know why i am always drawn to eye shadows, but they just call to me. The lip glass is a lovely colour too, it looks amazing on you!

  • These are such beautiful colors! You did a great job photographing the products! I hope to read more from you in the future!

  • This quad looks lovely and I love the Oxblood lipglass so may have to try this colour. It looks really nice over Whirl x