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Friday, August 26th 2016 Makeup

MAC Good Luck Trolls Collection - Lena Talks Beauty

MAC Good Luck Trolls is a limited edition collection that came out recently, and I’ve had some great fun trying out the products that MAC Cosmetics sent to me. The range of colours are rather unusual, and rather than trying to work them into some ‘everyday’ makeup looks I decided to go all out with them. This isn’t so much a makeup tutorial, more a look into the sort of madness a beauty blogger gets up to with fun new products, so I hope you enjoy!

MAC Chroma Craze Colour Spray Tease and Thank You, MAC Reflects Purple Duo, MAC Play it proper beauty powder, MAC Sushi kiss lipstick

I started this makeup look with a base of MAC Studio Sculpt foundation. I then used the Play it Proper Beauty Powder to lightly set my foundation. It does have a small amount of sparkle but I definitely wouldn’t call it glittery. I applied it more heavily on my cheeks to act as blush. The beauty powder would have to be one of the most wearable products out of the MAC collection and the packaging is ADORABLE. It even includes a mirror inside which is always handy. I filled in my eyebrows with MAC brow pencil in Fling which is a Light taupe ash blonde – I bought this recently and like the delicate nib and how well the colour matches my hair.

On my eyes, I applied the Reflects Purple Duo Glitter. Using a tip I learned from a makeup artist at a MAC counter a while ago, I first sprayed my brush with MAC Prep and Prime Fix+ and then picked up some of the glitter and patted on my eyelids. This way there was no fallout of glitter all over my cheeks. If you don’t have Fix+ you will get a similar effect by wetting your brush with water, just be careful not to overly saturate it otherwise the glitter can clump.

MAC Reflects Purple Duo Glitter, MAC Sushi Kiss Lipstick from Good Luck Trolls collection - Lena Talks Beauty

Sushi Kiss is a satin lipstick which is my favourite of MAC’s various lipstick formulas. It was originally released as part of the MAC All About Orange collection in 2013, and it’s nice to see it back. I’ve had a a few forays into orange lipstick previously (you can see a post I wrote about an orange lipstick here) but this one would have to be the nicest, owing mostly to MAC’s nice formula.

MAC Good Luck Trolls Chroma Craze Hair Colour Spray Tease and Thank You

The Hair Colour Spray is the one that I was most unsure how to use, but I just decided to have a crack  and see how it looked. I considered trying to style my hair like a troll but I realised there was not enough hair spray, gel, or bobby pins in the world for that to work, so went with a troll-inspired top knot. I feel like it’s what a troll would do when they’re at the gym or just lounging about the house. The Chroma Craze spray was interesting because it just applies colour, it’s not a hair spray in the traditional sense, so you don’t have to worry about it feeling crunchy. One problem I found is that it transfers onto things quite easily, don’t make the mistake of touching your hair and then touching your face.

MAC Good Luck Trolls Collection - Lena Talks Beauty-4

So here’s the final result! I hope you enjoyed this post because I had fun doing it, and it’s nice to be able to share that with my readers. For more information about this collection you can read my post where I did an overview about the collection as a whole – MAC Good Luck Trolls Limited Edition Collection Preview.

What do you think of this collection? Did you buy anything from it?

MAC Good Luck Trolls limited edition makeup collection, used by Lena Talks Beauty



  • Oooo pretty! Love the look. And I love how every product you were sent goes with another one. Blue eyeshadow looks beautiful on you Lena!

    • Thanks Nishu! I also got a yellow eyeshadow but I couldn’t think of a way to make that look good so I went with the glitter.

  • Cute look! Love the lipstick. 🙂

    x Carla

  • dazyndara

    I have the Midnight Troll lipstick from that collection! It’s a dark blue/purple, really opaque and I love it so much! 😀

    • lena

      Oooh that sounds really nice!

  • This is such a fun collection! I love the look you created 🙂

    Telina | Love, Telina


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